The Perfect Color Combo, 6 Outfits Ft. Burnt Orange And Royal Blue

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When you first see both colors worn separately, you might fall in love with them like I did, but have you tried the perfect color combo using both colors as one outfit? If you haven’t already, maybe after reading my blog you will want to try both colors together and fall in love right away.

I realize that not everyone enjoys the color orange, let alone burnt orange because it isn’t the easiest or most perfect color combo to match up because the color can be overbearing to some. However, if you give the color a chance, there are a plethora of fantastic ways to wear it and make the perfect color combo with the magnificent Royal Blue color that we all adore. We already know that royal blue goes well with a wide range of colors.

The adaptability of royal blue is due to the fact that it looks fantastic in a variety of colors, making it a very versatile color. I’ve seen royal blue in stores, on the internet, and even as a bridesmaids’ color theme, and the color looks so rich on its own. Imagine choosing the perfect color combo to complement this already rich color, one that complements your complexion, style, and temperament. Believe me when I say that mixing & matching with beautiful colors like these results in a perfect color combo that you may not even realize.

Before you think adversely about these two colors together, consider how lovely they could be together, and how this may be an unusual but ideal, perfect color combo for you if you simply try it. You don’t even need to buy a full outfit to try it out; a simple scarf and a bag, or simply some royal blue and burnt orange accessories, will add flair to your look.

 THE PERFECT COLOR COMBO- 6 Inspiration Outfits Ft. Burnt Orange And Royal Blue


It’s not just the perfect color combo, but it’s also the perfect royal blue jacket. I’m sure I’m not the only one who notices how the royal blue color complements the rest of the ensemble. Instead of the traditional black or navy, how about royal blue? This looks greatly layered over this burnt orange two-piece set.


perfect color combo

Why not combine two solid colors to create the ideal color combination? A pair of tailored pants in either color, such as the one seen in the image, and a sophisticated shirt, either of which can be the star of your complete ensemble. Either way, you get to wear both of these gorgeous colors.

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This outfit would be appropriate for work or a special occasion. Another wonderful approach to incorporating burnt orange is to wear a simple vest or shirt inside your royal blue suit. If you’re not sure about the color combination, this might be a terrific place to start.


I adore a royal blue or even a burnt orange dress, LOVE IT!! The accessories, however, are separate from the dress. As I mentioned before in the blog, it’s fine to mix and match these two colors, even with accessories, so the burnt orange bag, hand accessory, and shoes all went well to compliment the royal blue dress.


Choosing an item with a print in both colors, such as the plaid look pants in the image, is much better and easier because the color combining is already done for you. This is a perfect color combination that can be styled effortlessly.



perfect color combo

With your royal blue and burnt orange colors, you can even keep it simple and casual. Comfortable pair of jeans, whether long or short, with a tee or blouse in either of the colors of your choice.



So, now that I’ve blessed you all with this wonderful blog to read and great inspo. ideas, I hope you’ve thought about trying out this perfect color combination for a change; who knows, you could like it, and if you do, I hope you’ll return to this post and leave me a comment.



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