Why Do People Criticize Women Wearing Bikinis?

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Why do people criticize women wearing bikinis? This is the question I had in mind a few days ago when a colleague of mine shared her thoughts about why she did not like women especially women my age to wear bikinis or swimwear. And I know she is not the only one who has this kind of mindset toward women wearing a bikini. For her, wearing bikinis is very showy and inviting. She has this negative mindset that she thinks women who were victimized by rape, abuse, or any violence are because of the way a woman dressed up. And I strongly disagree with this kind of thinking.

Wearing Bikinis

What is wrong with wearing bikinis by the way? It’s not like we are conservative or something but bikinis are designed for beachwear and that is normal, especially in the modern world of fashion. Even in the 1950s women wear trendy swimwear. So the question is, Why Do People Criticize Women Wearing Bikinis?

Wearing Bikinis in Conservative Countries

People, especially those who grew up in a conservative country and have a conservative and (very) religious family has this kind of mindset and we cannot blame them for thinking that way. Their way of dressing up (though not all of them but most of them especially old fashioned women) are very different from what most Millennial, Gen Z’s, Modern Women, or whatever you want to call it. Here are the things ladies and gentlemen! You can be anything and whatever you want including dressing up. The violence happened it is because there are RUDE people who don’t RESPECT and who don’t see the VALUE of a WOMAN. The way women dress up is not a question of why there are people who still sin because the truth is, even if women cover all their bodies if there are sinful people they will still harm a woman.

Wearing Bikinis 1

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with wearing swimwear on the beach or wherever you want to wear it. Do you know what’s wrong? Judging ladies who wear bikinis. It doesn’t mean we wear bikinis is that we want to get guys’ attention and we are inviting them to be rude to us. The reason for it aside from it’s appropriate to wear on the beach or the pool is that women want to explore the diversity of the fashion, especially in swimwear.

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