Pastor Paul Enenche’s Adorable Styles

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Dr. Paul Enenche was born to the family of Chief D. E Enenche in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria. His father was the paramount ruler of Orokam, a district in the Ogbadibo Local Government Area. After a personal encounter with God on a Hill in Jos, Plateau State, he received a revelation to start a ministry, called Dunamis International Gospel Centre. As a trained Medical Practitioner, he halted his personal career goal to pursue the work of the kingdom of God, where he was led to Abuja to start a ministry in late 1996.

After a short period, his ministry became known all over the country and several places in the world. He married a medical practitioner like himself, Dr. Becky, who was a highly respected and praised Medical Doctor. They both love to serve God as the husband was to resign from his medical work to embark on the kingdom mission.

Keeping this top-notch fact, they both love fashion and styles. God has blessed Dr. Paul, especially with His unsearchable love for fashion. It’s wisdom, which anyone who desires it must seek the presence of the Lord.

In this article, I will reveal to you the secret behind his success due to his special uses of fashion and styles to keep up the spirit of African people, especially the Nigerians attending his services. The adage that says cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Dr. Paul so much believes in the law of attraction and that is why you will always be filled with love and beauty when you attend his Church.

Dr. Paul Enenche’s Fashion Styles

Dr. Paul Enenche 1

To me, he’s very dynamic when we are looking at the impression of fashion and the goals of the objective. Dr. Paul’s fashion orientation proceeds from his facial expressions. If at any time you have access to get close to him, he’s always ready to communicate with a smile and the tiny white teeth can be seen, to demonstrate the undiluted compassionate love and kindness of God.

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Dr. Enenche mostly dresses to suit his audience. He understands the best Ankara fashion style to rock when he’s ministering to the congregation.

You would see him wearing an Ankara dress when he’s ministering on deliverance and special services to suit the meeting. He loves Nigeria and Africa as well, which is why he likes to dress in Ankara to show the beauty of Africa to the world. Do not even try to object to this opinion because he’s a man of God.

The Secret Behind Dr. Paul Plane Material Dresses

Don’t even try to miss any service that the man of God put on a plain material dress as a minister. There is an abundance of the anointing of the Holy Spirit on him. He knows everything about color matches and the fortunes in them. Hey, wait! This is not magic, it is the power of God which flowed in Christ that gives him all the enablement.

Remember a woman with 12 years of blood issues in painful experience, who touched the skirt of the Lord’s garment and was healed immediately. If the Lord had not put on a long dress or garment that day, that woman might not have received a healing miracle. Fashion is more than what many people understand it to be.


Dr. Paul Enenche 2

Learn to dress in the fashion rock by men and women of God. It is a secret to enjoy the attractive blessing. Here I am going to show you a powerful secret about Dr. Paul Enenche’s long dress includes clues to his supernatural healing power. It is his love for Christ and passion to serve him. Remember that the Lord Jesus put on a long dress, so the man of God is following after his Lord and Savior. Jesus said, what you see me doing, my servants will do greater work.

If you appear like Jesus in service and all things, nothing can hinder your breakthrough and endless blessings.

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The secret to his ministry’s greatness and prosperity is through the Lord Jesus. You too can learn all these things about the Lord Christ through the man of God, Dr. Paul Enenche.

You will not only be blessed with spiritual blessings but you’ll also be attractive and announced in the kingdom of God as someone with the mind of the Lord, Christ Jesus.

The Anointed Suit

Dr. Paul Enenche 3

“There is nothing new under the sun,” said King Solomon. The first man to wear an unsew suit was Christ the Lord. The soldiers could not cut it into pieces but cast a lot on it because of the supernatural anointing. I am convinced that the man who took the suit through the casting of a lot received mercy for salvation after the Lord’s death on the cross.

Soldiers are very intelligent and brave enough to understand great matters and endure harsh experiences. So, Jesus Christ is the first General Commander of the Church, since there were no disciples close to him at the Calvary, the soldiers had his suit. Smiles. But He releases the mantle fresh and new at the Pentecost.

When you see Dr. Paul dressed in suits, then.expected power, mantle, and fresh anointing of the Lord. That is why he puts on suits when he’s attending mature brethren or ministers’ meetings.

You don’t want to miss any of these powerful experiences with the man of God. God is here in Africa and the evidence is heard all over the world. Dunamis International Gospel Center is a place to visit when you come to Abuja, Nigeria.

Summer Dresses

If you are interested to learn his fashion ideas, the Dunamis International Gospel Center is blessed with a 24hrs Television Network, just attend their crusade or weekly services to see the Lord’s special dimension in the life of His servant.

The fashion and style of Enenche’s family have become very deep and coupled with his wife, Dr. Becky pays attention to clothing colors and beauty. These can be found in their children too.


Many Christian believers in Nigeria now appreciate the family’s undeniable fashion sense. The Enenche family has inscribed uniformity in their fashion culture in the church services. I see them as the first fashion-matching family in the history of the Christ Church until today.

Photo credit: Google, and Dr. Paul Enenche


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