Paris Fashion Week 2023: The Best Celebrity Street Styles

Paris Fashion Week (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)
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Dear fashionistas of every planet! What’s popping? (smiles). Okay, first off, I’m really sorry for not posting in a while, school life has been hectic. However, we are in a period I can’t just ignore. How many of us love fashion week? I do! Mostly because I get to see amazing outfits on and off the runway. I am happy to see that this year was no different. That is why today, we will discuss Paris Fashion Week 2023: The Best Celebrity Street Styles.

One of my favorite things to look forward to at fashion week is the amazing street-style outfits worn by celebrities. It shows there is more to fashion than ambiguous and over-glamorous outfits. What’s more is that when I saw these celebs rocking their street styles at Paris Fashion Week, it blew my mind because, damn, fashion is so much more. Besides, the confidence oozed by these celebs in their outfits showed me that I could wear jeans and a shirt and still look fab. This is why I couldn’t resist not sharing these amazing outfits with you guys.

Now, I agree that there are a lot of amazing wild outfits like Doja cat, Kylie Jenner, and even Noah Cyrus. However, If you are anything like me, you’ll know that I love to buy clothes that I can wear for more than one occasion because why the heck would I want to be so wasteful? Oh, and how can I miss a chance to dress stylishly savvy besides, jeans and street styles are the major outfit collection most people have in their closets.

Ladies and gentlemen of fashion, without further ado, here are the most amazing street styles worn at the Paris fashion week by Celebs;

Fashion week entailed the latest designers’ collections for the various seasons and let me tell you, I’m so ready for the rainy season in Nigeria. I just love love fashion because what’s not to like? Anyways, back to business.

1. Sabina Jakubowicz 

Paris fashion weekThe Influencer/Model stepped out for the Schiaparelli show in a glamorous street-style outfit on January 23rd, 2023. The model wore a straw hat with a unique bird motif and a white blouse with the ultimate wide-shoulder silhouette, adorned with feathers. She paired it with oversized gold earrings and black high-waisted stirrup leggings. Her outfit showed that street style can be versatile, ranging from a classy look to a glamorous ensemble.

The beautiful model/influencer didn’t just dazzle us with skinny jeans, but also at the Dior show. She modeled white pants with side pockets, a black and white yellow racing jacket, white sunglasses, a bag, pointed heels, and black earrings. The outfit made her look like a total Dior icon.

Okay, quick question: which outfit do you prefer and why? I prefer the second white and yellow black outfit because baggy trousers are here to stay (wink).

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2. Yubin Shin:

Paris Fashion Week

She arrived and attended the Dior show during Paris fashion week wearing an amazing outfit that I classify as my favorite.

The South Korean beauty wore a short-sleeved, floor-length, black shiny leather and gold CD buckled puffer coat layered over a white shirt and black tie. She continued to pair the outfit with a navy blue embroidered white print patterned skirt, a black beret, and boots left untied all from the Christian Dior line.

She models a glamorous minimalist look, making a puffer coat look exotic. What’s more, I especially love the black tie (pouts) because it oozes a confident streak that I would love to wear. This is definitely a street outfit for the season, right? I can already imagine myself in something like this for the rainy season ahead.

3. Araya Hargate

Paris Fashion Week (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)
(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

The queen fashionista models her Dior outfit outside the Dior show, wearing red with embroidered black border pattern wool oversized / belted cloak, over a black shirt paired with black shiny leather knee boots. Her accessories consisted of gold and pearl earrings, a black and white pearl necklace, and a black shiny leather Lady D-Light handbag from Dior.

Okay, who else thinks that the wool cloak can be worn like a kimono? Without a belt, of course. I would just pair the black shirt with blue jeans and leave on the black leather boots and the wool cloak. Or pair the wool cloak with black sneakers and a knee-length black gown. I love me some comfort, so, why not, right? Oh and I also love her hairstyle, she looks like a Chinese female character.

4. Olivia Palermo

Paris Fashion Week                                                           

Olivia, a fashion influencer and American socialite stun Paris fashion week in two amazing outfits. First rocking her layers of comfort outfit at George’s Hobeika show, she was spotted wearing a bright blue jacket with a yellow feather border, a white fur coat, distressed skinny jeans, and rhinestone ankle boots. I adore her ability to pair these layers upon layers of comfort clothes and still make them look very chic and simple. This is me, thinking I’m already falling in love with sparkly boots.

However, she took the street style to another classy level, donning crystal big earrings, a floral grey-green mini dress, and a matching coat before the Giambattista Valli show. She completed her outfit with thigh-high black boots. The American socialite had on a combination of different colors that were said to be trendy this year: the top six exclusive 2023 fashion trends.

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5. Carla Bruni


The fashion model donned a simple yet elegant ensemble for Paris fashion week. Pairing a long-sleeved, black turtle neck shirt with a grey sleeveless dress tied at the waist and net socks inside her black and grey embellished shoes. She accessorized her outfit with a black bag and grey glasses.

6. Demilade Oyenekan

(Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

This famous fashion editor is one of the many influencers I follow on Instagram, mainly because I love their content. Now imagine my happiness when I saw a pic of him at the Paris fashion week wearing a street-style outfit.

He had on a long red coat over a black turtle neck sweater and black trousers, pairing them with a black bag and Schiaparelli Cocktail black shades. The men at the Paris fashion show didn’t fail to dazzle us. Furthermore, neither did they need to try too hard to look good.



7. Younes Bendjima

Paris fashion week

Credit: Corbis via Getty Images

The model took to the front row at the Dior men’s fall show during Paris fashion week wearing a chore jacket over a black shirt and black trousers. He completed his outfit with black shoes. I love his simplicity and besides, he’s cute (shy smile). Don’t mind me, I think I’m getting drowsy (yawns).

8. Emma Brookes


The model and social media influencer was spotted at fashion week dazzling the cameras. She first stepped out at the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show wearing a sleeveless floral cropped top and a matching long flowing skirt. Her outfit brought out a pop culture of Indian vibes accessorized with a small white bag.

Furthermore, she attended the fashion show changing into a dazzling baby blue sparkly set outfit. She made simplicity look so elegant and classy, telling me that I could go to a fashion show without having to think over the top. However, there are those who are even more comfortable wearing their wild outfits and they look so cool. But for me and those who are like me, we settle for comfy and classy with a dazzle of elegance. Emma certainly turned up in that area.

9. J-Hope

Paris fashion week 2023 Okay, I really adore K-pop stars but no one could beat J hope’s outstanding street-style outfit. The star was seen sitting in the front row of the Dior Men’s Show with his bandmate Jimin, who is now a worldwide Dior ambassador. He donned a full grey outfit with a pleated skirt style on one side and a CD silver choker paired. The star finally completed his outfit with a pair of armored ankle boots for Dior’s menswear show. His pleated skirt style on the side was a showstopper and gave an edge to new street-style looks. In addition, look at those shoes, my friend says it looks like ‘Motor’ (laughs, it’s a Yoruba name for all types of cars).


J-Hope was once again spotted at the Hermes Menswear Fall-Winter show. He had on a Hermes shearling-lined jacket over a choker wrap shirt and matching trousers. His outfits for fashion week showed that we are always going to have evolving street styles. What’s more is that the star’s outfit makes the street style look so cozy, warm, and attractive.

These celebrities don’t seem to shy away from showing off their simplicity and elegance to the cameras. Their confidence is one I adore; besides, I think I could get similar outfits (smiles).

Finally, thank you for reading another episode of my blog (clears throat), and please do not forget to read my books as they are ending.
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