Paris Fashion Week 2023: Baby Bangs Take Center Stage in the Latest Hair Trends

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You can constantly depend on Fashion Month to convey endless motivating looks like Baby bangs. A large number of weeks, visitors dart starting with one city and then onto the next to enjoy runway shows, presentations, and parties. From New York to Milan, the roads are stuffed with covetable hair and makeup ideas, yet Paris Fashion Week is unparalleled. While top designers are exhibiting their most recent collections, it’s the beauty moments happening right external the shows that are catching the attention of the world. So far, the week has brought a few current and traditional French hairdos to light. But baby bangs, specifically, have outshined the others as the city’s standout hair trend.

Defined by their short length and forehead-grazing appearance, baby bangs have become shockingly famous nowadays. Kim Kardashian sported a piecy version back in August, and most recently, Zoë Kravitz wore a micro look during the start of PFW.

Continue to look for inspiration on the most proficient method to wear the baby bangs style.

Copped Pixie

baby bangs Pink
Claudio Laveni

Pixies are really inseparable from cropped bangs because of the short nature of the cut. They also give the length some adaptability as far as styling. Whether you spike your fringe to make a textured appearance or you clear them to side á la this participant, you’re certain to have a memorable look.

Choppy Bob


Choppy bob
Christian Vierig 

A swingy bob is the epitome of French style, and keeping in mind that there are many varieties that make it exceptional, this guest’s version with a choppy fringe takes the cake. Not exactly piecey and not quite blunt, they cause the customary slice to feel lighthearted.

Extra Piecey


baby bangs 23

While trying to say something at fashion week, one needs to stick out. This guest takes the piecey bang trend to a higher level by changing hers into a charming spiky look. Simple makeup and strong frills keep the energy of the ensemble consistent and keep the hair in focus.

Birkin Bangs

Birkin Bangs
Christian Vierig

The charm of a simple bang and long hair is obvious — simply look at beauty and style icon Jane Birkin as evidence. This fall, her signature look gets a modern update, with a shortened bang that delicately brushes the eyebrows. While the length may not be extreme, it feels new and convenient as this guest easily demonstrates.

Angular Shaped


Angular baby bangs
Claudio Lavenia

Short and sweet, this guest’s hummed micro bangs give her pixie a sharp yet complex feel. Rather than falling across the forehead, the angular slice adds shape to the style and gives the illusion of fullness.

Pic Credit : Getty Images

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