Pakistan Traditional Shalwar Kameez

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Pakistani Shalwar kameez is known as the national dress of Pakistan, and it has its own significance for men and women. It shows the symbol of culture and nationality, its appearance will be seen mostly on special occasions and national holidays. Pakistani shalwar kameez has its own refined look and its design gives us an appealing look.

Anatomy of Shalwar Kameez :

Kameez is a long straight-fit shirt for men having chocks on the side of the kameez with two side pockets. Kameez has two versions one with a collar and the other is a ban. The collar is a foldable strip western style around your neck and the ban has a single short strip around the neck. Moreover, women have also various types of kameez shot kameez, Long kameez with chocks on the side.

Shalwar is a form of baggy style trouser around the waist and from the thighs but narrow from the ankle Women also wear shalwar with a kameez and sometimes kameez will be worn with different kinds of trousers.

Regional style of shalwar kameez:

The history of the shalwar kameez began in the 13th century when Muslims arrived from south Asia to the north. The use of the shalwar kameez by Muslim women was widely spread in the historical region of Punjab. Pakistani shalwar kameez has different variants for men in all provinces of Pakistan such as:

Punjabi shalwar Kameez:

Punjabi men wear straight Shalwar Kameez or kurta with lungi or dhoti. In ancient times Punjabi men and women wore a cotton top with the height of the knees and wore a woven scarf on the left shoulder with dhoti around the waist. Also, people started wearing a kurta in the 11th century with dhoti. Kurta is the traditional look in wide and straight cut till knees. 

Punjabi shalwar Kameez

Men in dhoti kurta with old look

Picture credit Wikipedia

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Shalwar Kameez:

Mostly Pashtuns also wear straight-cut shalwar kameez with peshawari chappal as footwear and turban as headwear. They also wear khet partug mostly by Pashtuns in Afghanistan and pakol as traditional headgear.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Shalwar Kameez 1

Men with pakol 

Picture credit Wikipedia

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Shalwar Kameez 2


Peshawari chappal 

Picture credit Wikipedia

Sindhi, Shalwar Kameez:

Sindhi also wears a straight-cut shalwar kameez similar to Punjab culture with a Sindhi cap and ajrakh.

Sindhi, Shalwar Kameez

Picture credit jhonum

Balochistan cultural dress:

In Balochistan people wear straight-fit kameez with baggy style shalwar and with Balochi turban as headwear.

Balochistan cultural dress 1

Pic credit quora Min Mingii

Balochistan cultural dress 2

In Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir, most people wear a Straight shalwar kameez with waistcoat and pakol.


Picture credit Wikipedia

Shalwar Kameez For Women:

As well as women also wear Shalwar Kameez in all regions of Pakistan as the cultural symbol of our country Mostly women wear baggy Shalwar with smartfit kameez and dupatta. But as time passed shalwar kameez design was modified, and now most womens and girls wear kameez or you can say shirts in modern language with different kinds of trousers like the straight fit, Smartfit, and bell bottom.

Shalwar Kameez For Women 1
Picture credit libasejamila


Shalwar Kameez For Women 2
Picture credit Textile learner

Fabric and textile For Shalwar Kameez:

The Faisalabad city is the textile hub of Pakistan and most of the textile industry is based in Faisalabad. All the unstitched fabric for the shalwar kameez will be made in Faisalabad. There are different types of fabrics for shalwar kameez some of them are mentioned below:


Cotton is a natural hollow fiber and it is very soft and cool, It can hold up to 27 times water of its own weight. It is a very strong fabric long-lasting and a good dye absorbent.

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It is made up purely form of cotton and it has a very soft feel to wear.

Picture credit

Wash and Wear:

It is also a very light form of fabric it is a machine wash fabric up to 30c with natural soap. It is bright and durable.

light form of fabric
Picture credit


Shalwar kameez fabric of khaddar found in the city of Kamalia can be worn in any season. It is hot in winter and cool in summer. It is a khadi cloth and it doesn’t harm your skin with any allergy. This fabric is a mixture of cotton, silk, and wool and it is made of hand with the help of yarn.

Shalwar kameez fabric of khaddar
Picture credit Wikipedia

Global Appeal and Appearance

As I already discussed Shalwar kameez is a well-known dress for central Asia and its unique design will make a huge difference in personality after wearing shalwar kameez. Its design, elegant look, and versatility of the Shalwar Kameez will make a huge difference Globally.


As above I mentioned the significant value of our traditional dress for men and women has a huge traditional impact on the global market. People like to wear a shalwar kameez as a tradition. More details you can get from Wikipedia about the shalwar kameez. I also attached some links above to understand the types of shalwar kameez and how the fashion sense of the people changes towards trousers and shirts.

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