Paige Vanzant: Bio and 7 Hot Red Carpet Dresses!

Paige Vanzant sexy dress
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Paige VanZant was born on March 26, 1994, in Dundee, Oregon. Raised in an athletic family, Paige learned martial arts for self-defense. VanZant burst into relative fame with her enlistment as a member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2013. With her aggressive fighting style and spirit that never seems to break, she has become one of the most recognized faces in women’s MMA. Out of the arena, Paige VanZant brought the sizzle with style to the red carpet. Here are seven of her most unforgettable red carpet looks:

1. The Golden Goddess:

She took the limelight at the ESPY Awards with a golden ensemble that flaunted her figure beautifully. A plunge to the neckline and slit high up her thigh brought in aspects of confidence and class.

Paige Vanzant sexy dress

2. Sleek and chic:

For a major Hollywood film opening, VanZant chose this chic black dress with intricate lace detailing. The fitted silhouette was meant to speak to her curves, while the off-the-shoulder neckline merely spoke out loud.

3. Red Carpet Royalty:

VanZant stole the scene in a flowing royal blue sequined and jeweled gown. The dramatic train and plunging back ensured all eyes were on her as she ruled the red carpet with poise and grace.

Paige Vanzant hot dress

4. Modern Elegance:

Vanessa VanZant stepped out in style with a cutting-edge, contemporary look in her pretty two-piece set, which included a short-sleeve, boxy crop top and an A-line, high-waisted skirt. It was the loud, colored prints that best described her daring taste in style.

5. Feminine Flair:

VanZant sparkled in a dress that recalled the glory days of Old Hollywood, a vintage-inspired gown detailed in fine lacework with a full skirt. The timeless silhouette does lend a touch of nostalgia to the overall sensibility, yet it still focuses on her timeless beauty.

Paige Vanzant hot and sexy

6. Edgy Glamour:

Opting to go rather edgy yet glamorous, VanZant picked out a leather bustier alongside a flowy chiffon skirt. The mix of textures and textiles has conjured up an edgy display to ooze confidence.

Paige Vanzant sexy floral dress

7. Radiant in Red:

Rounding off our list is VanZant’s memorable outing in a fire-engine-red dress perfectly in tune with her fiery demeanor. It sported a tight silhouette and necklines that were audacious, truly representing her title as a red-carpet sensation.




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