7 Oversized T-Shirts for Males and Females

Oversized T Shirts

Oversized T-Shirts are an important part of clothing, all people either male or female has a great collection of shirts, that are of different kinds. Mostly fitted shirts are used to wear by males and females because they feel more confident and stylish in those. There are many types of shirts other than fitted shirts. Like baggy shirts, half sleeve shirts, full sleeves shirts, sleeveless shirts, buttoned shirts, blouse shirts, button-down shirts, cowboy shirts, dinner shirts, denim shirts, dress shirts, and many more.

All types are promoted and used to wear in the present era. Over-sized shirts are also in nowadays. It has been seen in many street style modeling, in fashion shows as well as in formal and informal wearing. Formerly, boys and girls felt uncomfortable in oversized shirts and felt less confident but now they choose to adopt oversized shirts because of the next-level comfort and satisfaction in an oversized outfit they feel like I do, and maybe you guys also.

Let’s talk about some trending styles of oversized shirts which you also like to buy and wear;

Partially or Fully Striped Print T-Shirts

Striped T-shirts are those which have some design of partial or complete striped prints on their arms or body. The strip prints are horizontal in shape and are of different colors. The are also 2 or more color combinations of strips. This type street-style shirts are normally used for household wear. These shirts are for both males and females.

partially striped Oversized T-Shirts

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Oversized T-Shirts red and grey

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Knotted Type Oversized T-Shirts

Knotted Type T-Shirts have strings on the front or back body, rib side or sides, or the arms of the shirt. These strings are designed for fitting purposes because some people use to wear over-fitted shirts or their body is smarter than normal but these strings are also for designing purposes. Mainly, these shirts are made for females.

knotted type Oversized T-Shirts

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knotted Oversized T-Shirts

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Colored Striped T-Shirts

These types of shirts are plain having one or two different colors of strips on the shoulders, beneath the shoulders on the front or backside, and on the arms to make the plain shirt look highlighted. They pretend different or unique designs. They are normally designed for males but females can also wear these. These are available in different sizes to match the size of the individual perfectly.

color striped Oversized T-Shirts

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striped Oversized T-Shirts

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Hip Hop Type Oversized T-Shirts

This is a particular design made based on the style which is beneath the hips and so these are called hip hop style T-Shirts. These also have been designed with two different colors of strips that fully cove its font back and arms. Mostly males and kids like to wear these T-shirts for their music and dance performances and they take them more suitable for such activities.

Hip Hop Oversized T-Shirts

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Batwing Sleeves Oversized T-Shirts

These T-shirts are a unique collection of oversized shirts which have batwing sleeves. It is called batwing sleeves shirts because of their batwing appearance. In addition, the sleeves may be long or short or over long. It is usually used for casual wear. It is cool to wear for upcoming outing events. It is famous among girls.

sleeveless Oversized T-Shirts

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batwing Oversized T-Shirts

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Plain Oversized T-Shirts

These are the collection of male oversized T-shirt which is of plain fade or dark colors. Actually, it is no printed pattern of T-shirt which is made for the males who use to wear light or dark plain shirts. These are more suitable in a light color i.e. white for people who avoid sweating and try to get rid of more sweating.

plain Oversized T-Shirts

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Printed T-Shirts

There are a loose breath-taking collection of oversized printed T-shirts for females. Basically, these are mostly half sleeves but can be full sleeves or sleeveless with different simple prints on them. These are the most liked T-shirts in summer for females. They are in different colors as well and are most fashionable and cool for all girls.



By  Dr. Rabia Syeda

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