Oversized Shirts in 2023: How to Create Stylish Looks for Work and Daily Life

Oversized Shirt With Jeans
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Oversized clothes allow you to create many combinations and play on contrasts. One of the oversized shirts, and you can wear it with most of your clothes on any occasion. It’s even possible to create outfits that you can wear at home and see this poker games online or while going to an expensive restaurant. What is the best way to wear it?

Oversized Shirts in 2023

Distinctive Features

An oversized shirt usually looks like a shirt “off a man’s shoulder” — as if it was borrowed from a boyfriend or husband. It’s a voluminous, loose fit that doesn’t taper at the waist and usually has a dropped shoulder line, which makes the silhouette even softer and more relaxed. Oversize enhances the length below the hips as well. Thanks to this, such shirts allow you to “play” with levels and layers, creating expressive combinations and images. Shirts that are originally designed oversized are more likely to create a harmonious visual effect.

Trendy Models

Shirts With Asymmetrical Bottoms

Slightly shorter in the front, slightly longer in the back — thanks to this technique, it’s easy to style an oversize shirt with pants: as an option, its front part can be tucked behind the waistband. This will help create a more feminine silhouette with a slight accent on the waist. At the same time, this shirt can be worn loose without tucking it in. Asymmetrical bottom in this case will serve as an original detail.

Shirts in a Masculine Style

It’s not just about a masculine cut with wider shoulders, which just creates the necessary volume. Shirts with classic office designs are in trend: plaid, striped, in restrained colors. What makes them more trendy is oversize: instead of a standard formal image, you will get a stylish variation with a voluminous top, which will soften the officialism of the image if you create it for work or a business meeting.

Oversized Top Shirts

A couple of seasons ago, oversized shirts appeared on the trend list. This is possible thanks to the oversize cut, which allows you to wear them even over knitted sweaters, hoodies, and sweatshirts. However, there are also light variants of top shirts for late spring and summer. Most often such shirts are supplemented with patch pockets on the chest. This isn’t a decorative imitation but a practical design element.

Shortened Oversized Shirts

Extra length is the hallmark of oversized shirts. But this season many designers have abandoned it and presented shortened models with waist length. This technique is a good solution: as it turns out, the volume becomes even more. Especially if the bottom is slightly tapered or primped.

How to Wear an Oversized Shirt With Jeans?


Oversized Shirt With Jeans

There is nothing easier than putting together a look with an oversized shirt and jeans: they will go well with each other, no matter what models you decide to combine in one outfit. A voluminous white shirt and straight jeans are a universal classic. With ripped jeans, the look will become even better. With wide models, it’ll get relaxed and cozy. And if you choose a colored or printed shirt instead of a basic white one, you’ll get casual without a hint of strictness.

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How to Wear Oversized Shirts With Business Pants?


Oversized Shirts With Business Pants

Often in business images, the shirt is far from the foreground and is hidden under a jacket. If you choose an oversized model, then wear it without add-ons, emphasizing the voluminous top. Both minimalistic oversized shirts without unnecessary details and dressy variants with unusual sleeves, ascot collars, or jabot are suitable for a strict set — they’ll also add volume.

As for pants, you can choose any model. With wide pants, you will get a softer and more comfortable image, which will still fit into the business dress code. You can also take note of tight-fitting flared pants with slits at the bottom — this is the trend of the season, which can be beautifully combined with an oversized shirt: you will get an expressive contrast of top and bottom. Moreover, to play on contrasts, leather or textured leather pants are suitable — wear them with a white oversized shirt for an original look for the office.

How to Wear Oversized Shirts With Skirts?

Matching a skirt to an oversized shirt is a bit more complicated. It’s important not to overdo the volume: the bottom should balance the top, otherwise instead of a harmonious silhouette you will get a distortion, which will not be attractive at all. Perhaps the best way to look with oversize-shirts are straight skirts, as well as skirts with a cut to the figure. These are laconic minis (made of denim, leather, or wool), and straight or tapered pencil skirts. You can also look at gode skirts, but they shouldn’t be too puffy. Moreover, maxi length isn’t suitable, especially for casual looks.

As in the case with pants, properly selected skirts help to wear oversized shirts in different ways. It can be a separate top, which can be tucked behind the waistband of the skirt. At the same time, there is an option to wear an oversized shirt as a top layer — over a top with thin straps or a shortened bodice top: in summer, such styling will be especially relevant.

How to Wear Oversized Shirts With Shorts?

The voluminous cut of oversized shirts looks casual and relaxed, just what you need for a summer mood. In the city, you can wear them with comfortable cotton and linen shorts up to mid-thigh or with stylish bermudas. What to do with the shirt itself? Depending on the weather, styling can be different: a more open version with a top underneath is suitable for hot days (in this case, the shirt will complement the image and protect from the sun), for warm or cloudy, a version with a shirt, the edges of which are tied into a knot.

By the way, with shorts and an oversized shirt, you can create outfits for the beach, by putting a swimsuit down. Then a bikini, bandeau, or another top from the swimsuit will serve as a substitute for a cropped top, and it’ll also look stylish. For the beach, voluminous shirts are the best. They should be made of natural materials, for example, cotton and linen. Walking by the sea, you can wear them together with a swimsuit instead of a cape.

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