Origin of: Why Can’t You Wear White After Labor Day?

Why can't you wear white after labor day?
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Why can’t you wear white after labor day: It is a very funny, yet serious tradition that has been accepted by many people around the globe. The unspoken fashion rule of not wearing white after labor day has been widely accepted by many. However, the entire topic has been the subject of discussion and controversy. Many people have adhered to it strictly while others have just disregarded it.

Origin of: Why can’t you wear white after labor day?

The funny, yet strict tradition of not wearing white after labor day can be traced back to the late 19th century. During this specific time, the upper-class members of society would prefer to go to their summer houses for vacations as a time to escape the city and its excessive heat. Most of them would prefer wearing clothing that is white clothing that is very practical and fashionable and at the said time sexy.

Why can't you wear white after labor day?

Many loved the white color as it was popular by then and it reflected the sunlight and helped to keep the wearer cooler. As summer neared the end, people would go back to the cities where white clothes were not popular and they would end up becoming so dirty.

origin of Why can't you wear white

As a result, there came a rule that one should not wear white after labor day, which is definitely the first Monday in September. The day is officially marked as the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of winter.

For this reason, there is a rule that white clothing is no longer needed in your offices or city life and that the residents should wear clothes that have more subdued colors.

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Over time, this rule has grown to be very famous, from just a simple rule to a strict fashion rule that has become part of social status and conformity.

Who started the No white rule after labor day:

According to ancient history, the upper class and affluent members were the first to adopt the rule that soon spread to the middle and the working class. By strict adherence to the rule, the upper-class members of the society declared their entry into the most privileged and exclusive club.


What happens if you wear white after labor day:

Breaking the unspoken fashion rules would definitely mean that you are no longer a member of the upper class and that you are simply doing it for showoff.

How long should I wait after Labor Day so that I can wear white?

Quite a good number of Americans prefer to put their white clothes away on or after labor day and avoid wearing them until the following May after memorial day.

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