Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping

online shopping versus in store shopping
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Online shopping and in-store shopping are now the most common ways to buy new fashion items. Whether you want to buy a gift, need to update your wardrobe or your hobby is collecting clothes, accessories, and shoes, somewhere you need to buy them.

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For some people shopping can be a passion, for others, it is just a boring necessity. A good shopping session needs time, patients, creativity, and also discipline.

Therefore, If a day at the mall where you walk through all the stores and try on dozens of clothes excites you, then shopping directly in stores is for you. But if you find this a boring and tedious idea, then online shopping is a better option for you.


Online shopping pros and cons

online shopping

fast and simple. Don’t waste time in and out of the shop. You can shop anywhere and anytime: on your lunch break, while waiting in line at the salon, on your way home on the subway, etc.
Has no program. You don’t have to rush to keep the shop open.

Some online stores also have a personal stylist who can guide you if you need professional assistance. Also in some online shops, you can try to put together several outfits yourself to see what suits you best.
When you’re not in the mood to get out of the house, socialize and dress up, but want to brighten up your day with a small gift for yourself, online shopping is the perfect option.


You can’t see the exact fabrics, colors, and sizes. Sometimes sizes and colors differ in reality from what appears on the website. Always check your laptop or phone settings to see the product as it actually appears. You also can’t see how the clothes fit your body.

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Sometimes it takes a while for the product to get to you and it may have manufacturing defects. You can not see it in a picture. Because the buying process is simple and quick you may be tempted to buy more and unnecessarily. Always remember to make sure the online shop is legitimate.

Here are some tips for a perfect online shopping session


Online shopping pros and cons

Shopping direct in the store Pros and Cons


It can be a fun activity when you see your girlfriends. It can stimulate your creativity. When you’re in a fashion store, you have unlimited options to put together an outfit that suits you.

Also if you start trying on more products and choose to try something new each time, you can discover new styles and fashion items that work for you. Do not buy them all, just try each time you go shopping for something that you would never wear.

When you try them on you know exactly how clothes, shoes, and accessories would look on you and you get your products immediately after you pay for them.
You can see exactly the size and texture of the clothes you want to buy, and if they have any manufacturing defects.
You could meet new people that have the same interest as you.



It takes time and energy. If you go shopping in a bad mood, are tired, or don’t have time, you may be tempted to buy carelessly in a superficial way and realize when you get home that you have bought the wrong thing. Plus, the energy you put into your clothes when you buy them will stay there and you feel that way every time you wear them.

If you don’t know exactly what you want to buy before you get to the mall, you can fall prey to in-store manipulation. The brightly colored window displays, the sometimes unreal discount labels, the attention to what other shoppers are buying, and the insistence of the sales assistants can make you buy more than you need. So, think before you leave home about what you need, and before you buy any product think about matching it to at least three of your outfits.

In a conclusion, shopping directly in the store is the best option when you need action, and socialization but also creativity and are willing to take a day for yourself.

So whether or not you’re a shopaholic or not, at some point you have to shop either online or in-store, the best option is the one that fits your time, budget, and mood at that moment. If shopping really doesn’t suit you, you can ask a friend to take care of your wardrobe or hire a personal shopper. Also, if you’re interested in building a career in this field, here’s some basic information.

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