Old Money Aesthetic: How To Dress Rich And Look Stylish.

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Old Money Aesthetic is about looking fashionable and smart without coming across as haughty. It’s not only about dressing posh.

Today, we’ll discuss how to master the old money aesthetic, a look that emphasizes a man’s sense of style and classic appeal rather than just his wealth.

Old Money Aesthetic – Defined

They established a look that is now known as the “old money aesthetic.” It’s about a way of life that prioritizes quality, simplicity, and tradition over fashionable, fast-fashion statements rather than just fashion.

How To Master The Old Money Look


How To Master The Old Money Aesthetic Look

Let’s dissect this fashionable aesthetic’s basic components in order to perfect it:

Gentlemen, consider navy, grey, white, and earth tones when choosing classic colors and patterns. These hues are timeless. Simple and subtle patterns like stripes, plaids, and checks are used.

Essential Clothing Items Now, this does not imply that you require a large collection of custom suits. But a few well-fitting, high-quality pieces, such as tailored suits, elegant dress shirts, polished shoes, and timelessly fashionable accessories like a vintage watch or a silk pocket square, may make a big difference.

Fit and fabric are very important since you want your clothing to fit you like a glove. Here, there are no compromises. Choose the most expensive materials you can afford, such as genuine leather, merino wool, and Egyptian cotton. Finding clothing that will not only last but also enhance your style is the goal.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Branding That Isn’t Overt – The old money look isn’t about flaunting. It’s all about class and nuance. Select quality over flashy branding or obvious branding.

Build an Old Money Wardrobe (Without Breaking The Bank)


Build an Old Money Aesthetic Wardrobe

start with the fundamentals. I’m referring to that one ideal suit, a couple of well-fitting shirts, and a pair of high-end, polished shoes. Guys, always choose quality above quantity.

Your best ally on your path may also be vintage and thrift stores. Real treasures can be found, including one-of-a-kind, superior works for a small portion of the original price.

Every fashionable man should be adept at layering clothing. A well-fitted pair of chinos, a cashmere sweater layered over a dress shirt, and a pair of loafers complete the old-money appearance well.

Old Money Aesthetic – Grooming


Old Money Aesthetic – Grooming

Clothing alone won’t make you look professional. A major part is also played by grooming. Choose timeless, well-groomed haircuts and manage any facial hair to keep it tidy. Gentlemen, don’t forget about skincare; healthy skin is a sign that you regard yourself.

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