Nigerian Fashion; Five(5) Tips for Summer Outfits in Nigeria

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Hello Fashionistas and welcome to another segment of articles by yours truly (lol, I feel like a broadcaster). You guys know I’m a Nigerian, so I’m gonna skip the introduction but what you might not know is that the term ‘Summer’ in Nigeria is what we call the wet season. Yep, just because it’s all hot and dry around the world doesn’t mean you should pack the same outfits for when you come to Nigeria because you would be greatly displeased.

Let me define ‘Summer’ in Nigeria: The weather in Nigeria is categorized into two; the wet season and the dry season. The wet season is typically the summertime, which comprises rain, heat, and air which is usually between April to October. Yeah, it rains in summer. The weather change in Nigeria is the most unpredictable especially during summer because, it could be all hot and sweaty one minute and the next, you start to see dark clouds ready to pour down their content. While the dry season comprises cold winds and dry air and is usually between November to March.

This is why I am here to give you guys five tips on what to wear if you decide to come to have a vacation in Nigeria during its summer time:

1. Quick-to-dry jean outfits:

summer outfits 1
Quick-to-dry jean outfits 2
Quick-to-dry jean outfits 3

The best way to leave your house ready to face the unpredictable summer weather change is to dress light. Clothes made with linen, and cotton is more comfortable during the heat. You can opt for Jeans made from cotton polyester with short hand-shirts or tops that dry faster under the chance to rain during the day.

Quick-to-dry jean outfits 4
Quick-to-dry jean outfits 5
Quick-to-dry jean outfits 6

2. Pack a Jacket:

summer outfits 2
summer outfits 3
summer outfits 4

As much as it’s advisable to wear light outfits, it is also necessary for Nigerians to pack a jacket, sweater, blazer, or something that could ease them from the fluctuating heat into the cold rain. Although, one thing to note is that, even though the rain is a bit cold, it blows hot air. Confusing right? Yeah, I have never understood why it would be raining so hard and I would still feel so hot. This is why it is also best to carry along a jacket that is not too heavy but light enough to dry and keep you warm. Cotton Bomber jackets, Light cardigans or sweaters, Linen blazers, and light trench coats are the best to go for during the rain in summer in Nigeria.

summer outfits 5
jacket summer outfits
jacket summer outfits 2

3. Go for Plastic or Rubber shoes: 

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summer rubber shoes
summer rubber shoes 2
summer rubber shoes 3

As you already know, the summertime in Nigeria also means, Wet season and so, We Nigerians love to feel comfortable in rubber or plastic shoes, trust me, I wear this all the time in school. This is mostly because of all the puddles and mud that come with the rain and we don’t want our outfits being destroyed by dirty leather shoes. There are tons of shoes, kicks, and even sandals that are made of rubber or plastic that still accentuate perfectly, whatever outfit, you may choose.

So feel free to go out in these shoes, and if by chance you step into a puddle, then don’t worry because one of the best things about them, is their ability to clean easily with just water and foam.

4. Cute Sundresses are still cool:

Yeah, you heard me, sundresses are still cool. Now, even though the weather is a bit weird in my country, I still want to be able to go to the pool or the beach when it’s super hot. The sweat, heat, and sun should not be a determent for you to do those things especially if you are in Nigeria for a vacation. So, a cute sundress and nice shades are also the next best thing to wear literarily anywhere you wanna go.

5. Avoid wearing Dark outfits at night: 

Oh, guys, you do not want to go near the color black for any of your outfits during the summer nights in Nigeria. Why? well because we have all the biting flying insects you can imagine and those bloodsuckers, go anywhere near black. I have experienced it and let me tell you, it is not the best story to tell. Wearing dark long jeans may seem cool at night but it also attracts those insects and you won’t even know where they bite from. Instead, go for bright colors like white, yellow, and so on. I know it might seem odd, but when you’re in Nigeria, you do not want to test insects.

Yep, that’s it for now guys… I hope this was enlightening a bit. I’m gonna try more to infuse both males and females into my articles so everyone is catered for. Please don’t forget to recommend, like, comment and share. I look forward to seeing your great reviews.

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