Nerd But Fashionista Top 3 Outfit Ideas


Have you ever seen a person walking in the library wearing glamorous clothes? Or maybe just passing the street with her books yet she looks so stylish and pretty? Perhaps a lady who always stays in the library wearing her innocent outfit of the day but serves a spice look? They must be Nerdy (Smart) but fashionistas!

If you think you’re one of them or want to be one of them, then here are a few Nerd But Fashionista outfit ideas you might want to consider.

Nerd But Fashionista Outfit Look Number 1: French Beret On A Dress and Boots

Nerd But Fashionista Outfit Look Number 1:

Innocent on the inside feisty on the outside. This is what this look and style serve you for. This look is perfect for whenever you want to spend the day in the café with your favorite book. It is classy and stylish, especially the French beret that gives you a Parisian vibe. Aside from that, you can wear this style as a street fashion outfit. It would be cool with your trench coat on. 

Nerd But Fashionista Outfit Look Number 2: Jeans On A Polo Shirt


Nerd But Fashionista Outfit Look Number 2

The comfiest outfit that everyone loves to wear and probably smart people would prefer to wear is jeans on a polo shirt. Wise choice it is! especially if you’re reading in the library. It is comfortable and it is warm. You can just pair it with a sneaker or heels for a casual look.

Look Number 3  Lazy Fashionista

Nerd But Fashionista Outfit Look Number 3 

Lazy fashionistas are everywhere and they love wearing short shorts paired with a tank top or a stylish polo shirt perhaps. This style is perfect for a chill day at home or in the park reading your book.

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