Negative Effects of Weight Loss

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Here are the negative effects of weight loss

Weight loss doesn’t always have a positive effect.

  • Some people feel colds and have a hard time sleeping.
  • Self-relationship could change.
  • It could cause changes in your body and mind too
  • It could develop stretch marks and sagging skin

The advantages of being at a healthy weight are undeniable, regardless of your personal reason for losing weight. However, when you are reducing or have already dropped, a large amount of weight certain unanticipated changes and obstacles arise.

But everyone who loses weight won’t suffer from these things, it is important to be aware of the negative effects and talk to a doctor if they do occur.

Here are the first negative effects of weight loss that you may experience

1. Stopping of your period ( for women )

weight loss

Reduction of weight can put a strain on your body, it can affect your menstruation.

The more weight you lose and the faster you lose it, the more likely your period may be affected.

This happens because your body believes it is starving hormonally

– Caroline Apovian

( director of the nutrition and weight management center )

The Lectin will shut off your menstrual period because your body thinks that it is starving and it’s not healthy for women who are starting to have a pregnancy at that time.

2. You might feel cold even the weather is hot

weight loss


You may feel cold because this common weight loss complaint has to do with your metabolic rate and hormone changes.

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Your body will go to lower your metabolic rate when you lose weight to try to conserve energy. And in conserving energy, it doesn’t have to have a lot of extra calories to keep you warm.

Another reason you can be chilly is that you don’t have enough fat to act as insulation. According to shape, as you lose weight, your body becomes more susceptible to temperature variations without that extra layer.

3. Your skin would become saggy and develop stretch marks. 

Losing a lot of weight too quickly results in loose, sagging skin and stretch marks. 

Malina Linkas Malkani, a registered dietitian nutritionist and the developer of the WholitarianTM Lifestyle, told that this happens because the skin can’t shrink as quickly as the rest of the body.

Focus on modest, steady weight loss of 1 to 2pounds per week to allow the skin to shrink along with the body.

To prevent the loss of lean muscle mass, resistance training should be used. Building muscle, as well as eating more fruit, wearing sunscreen, and using collagen-based serums or retinoids, could help avoid drooping skin, after weight loss, according to Prevention.

When weight reduction occurs quickly and there is a lot of loose drooping skin, some people choose to have the skin removed surgically. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the procedure will leave visible scars and will take a few weeks to recuperate from. 


4. Having the problem to sleep


Sleeping and eating have a delicate connection.

According to NBC’s better, not only can what and when you eat affects your sleep, but sleep also influences your food choices.

The principles of sleep boil down to a molecule called adenosine, which builds up in your body before melatonin levels rise. Although we all know that sleep is essential for successful dieting and weight losssleeping during weight loss may be more difficult due to food changes.

5. Your taste preferences will shift

weight loss

Almost 87% of bariatric surgery patients reported a change in taste after surgery, with half of those reporting meals didn’t taste as good. Those with dimmed taste buds also lost more weight than their colleagues who reported their tastes sharpened.

The study says that this is due to hormonal changes that affect how the taste receptors send information to the brain.

6. You could experience depression

depression cause of weight loss

A number of commenters on the subReddit thread Loselt an online community of Redditors who are trying to reduce weight noted that satisfaction was one of the most difficult realities they had to confront after losing a lot of weight.

” Losing weight didn’t miraculously heal everything in my life like I was expecting it would “  one Redditor commented, ” Can’t blame me for hoping though “.


” This might seem like a funny answer, but it’s actually incredibly insightful and significant.” User Willravel responded to Cube_, writing, “Being overweight undoubtedly comes with obstacles, but getting out the other side as a healthier you doesn’t mean life will be all kale smoothies and rainbows”. 

It’s very easy for people who are overweight-including myself years ago – to let all of their problems rest on the foundation of the low self-esteem that can come with being overweight, When I finally put in the work and lost my excess fat, I felt a lot better, I slept better, I could tie my shoes and go up and down stairs until the cows came home, but my self-esteem didn’t magically become bulletproof, and issues of depression and anxiety were still there”.

In addition to anecdotal data, a University College London study discovered that decreasing weight does not always lead to better mental health. Participants in the study who lost more than 5% of their weight were 52% more likely to be depressed than those who stayed within 5% of their original weight.

These are the Different Negative Effects of weight loss

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