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NBA: Fashion has found its way into our athletics games among many other areas. Every time there is an NBA game, various stars turn out for the event not only to showcase their skills on the pitch but also to show off their taste in fashion and how high their fashion taste is. That aside, I have spent quality time analyzing the most fashionable NBA players this year. NBA being the most famous basketball league in the world is fast becoming a platform for fashion.


The veteran player from Milwaukee Bucks has been rated as the most fashionable in the league. He is the perfect epitome of how to dress in shorts, turtlenecks, overalls, velvet suits, and many other forms of cladding. There are numerous times when the star has to show us how to dress to the very best.

nba fashion 1

source: Pinterest

2. Shai Gilgeous

It is the consistency for him. He has appeared on the top 10 list* on several occasions. He is known for his consistent taste in fashion no matter what occasion he is going to grace.

3. Jordan Clarkson:

Clarkson is the master of a wide array of fashion codes. He can literally do anything from Baggy grunge to Thom Browne skirts and yet look stunningly cute. No wonder he is admired by many ladies.

nba fashion 2


4. Chris Paul:

Many know him for his command of baggy fits for political impetus and niche pieces. There is no doubt about the fact that he is one of the highly-rated fashion stars in the NBA.

nba fashion 3

Images source: Pinterest

5. Russell Westbrook:

He has no boundary on his fashion empire as he can literally dock on anything and still look very fashionable.
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