Natural Skincare Tips at Home


Natural Skincare Tips at Home

In an attempt to get healthy and glowing skin we shower it with TLC and treat it to the best of skincare products. However, sometimes all your skin demands are getting pampered with natural ingredients. Since these ingredients are chemical-free, they suit every skin type – be it oily, dry, normal, or sensitive. Trust the power of nature to heal and naturally beautify your skin. As a woman, it is essential to have a few natural face beauty tips and tricks up your sleeve to enhance your beauty when you don’t have time for invasive procedures and treatments.

We’ve come up with 12 such natural face beauty tips that will bring out the desired glow without irritating the skin. These skincare tips are tried and tested and work for every skin type, read on to find out what we have in store for you!


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1. Chilled tea bags for puffy eyes

2. Gram flour for tan

3. Tomatoes to control excess oil

4. Cucumber and lemon for blemishes

5. Apple for open pores

6. Papaya to get rid of dead skin

7. Yoga poses for radiant skin

8. Aloe vera to calm irritated skin

9. Green tea as a toner

10. Tea tree oil for pimples

11. Meditate for overall wellness

12. Chamomile tea to refresh tired skin

FAQs: Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

1. Chilled tea bags for puffy eyes


Sipping green tea daily and throwing away the used tea bags? You may want to save it the next time. Other than flushing out toxins from your body, chilled black or green tea bags work wonders for your skin. Using this natural face beauty tip can instantly reduce puffiness around the eyes and make them look brighter and more awake. Put the bags on your eyelids and relax for 5 to 15 minutes as the tea bags work their magic.

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2. Gram flour for tan


Gram flour or besan is used as a natural, mild exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells, tan, and sunburns. If you want clear, soft, and naturally glowing skin here’s the natural face beauty tip you need to know. Take equal amounts of gram flour and curd in a bowl and mix them well to form a paste. Apply this paste evenly on your face and neck, let it dry for half an hour before rinsing off with water. It will gently lift away dead skin cells and deep-set dirt, thereby lightening your skin tone and making it even.

3. Tomatoes to control excess oil


Excessive oil on the face doesn’t only affect those with oily skin, in a country like India where the weather is humid in most parts, excessive oil is quite common. Enriched with lycopene, tomatoes contain anti-oxidants along with great cooling and astringent properties. It helps balance the natural oils of the skin and gets rid of any excess oil that you may be struggling with. This natural face beauty tip is also used for reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Scoop the pulp of one tomato and apply it evenly to your face. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water and reveal naturally glowing skin.

4. Cucumber and lemon for blemishes


We all struggle with blackheads and blemishes, these make your skin look dull and tired. To get rid of blemishes and blackheads naturally and get a brighter and even-looking skin tone, use a concoction of cucumber and lemon juice. Take equal amounts of cucumber and lemon juice and apply it to your face before taking bath. Let it stay for 10 minutes before washing it off. Regular use of this natural face beauty tip will brighten your skin tone and lighten blemishes. The best part, it is suitable for all skin types!

5. Apple for open pores


Enlarged pores make your skin look mature, oily and attract a lot of dirt causing skin problems. An easy and effective natural face beauty tip is to place thin apple slices on the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can prepare a paste of apple peel, vinegar, honey, and some Multani mitti, and some rose water. Let it dry on your skin for 30 minutes and then wash off. Apple soaks up excess oil from your face and closes pores, tightening your skin and making it look healthy and radiant.

6. Papaya to get rid of dead skin


Infused with a natural enzyme called papain, papaya naturally exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Unripe papaya has higher levels of papain, so if you get one of those you can use it to gently exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities. Those with sensitive skin types can also use papaya as it is less likely to trigger a reaction. Scoop out ¼ cup papaya flesh and blend it with 1 tablespoon of fresh pineapple to form a smooth mixture. Apply evenly and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing off.

7. Yoga poses for radiant skin


Yoga is an excellent, all-natural way to get clear, radiant skin. The breathing exercises involved in yoga help to calm your mind, relieve stress, and relax your muscles. This goes a long way in clearing out breakouts. Additionally, the various yoga asanas help to improve blood and oxygen circulation to your face, which again helps to bring a beautiful glow to your skin.

8. Aloe vera to calm irritated skin


The pathway to healthy, glowing is planted with aloe vera plants. Brimming with soothing, calming, and healing properties, fresh aloe vera gel addresses almost every skin and hair concern. Right from calming irritated skin to providing nourishment, using aloe vera gel is one natural face beauty tip that you cannot give a miss. Whether it’s a minor cut, acne, eczema or some other skin problem applying some aloe vera gel over it twice a day will fasten the healing process.

9. Green tea as a toner


If you follow a CTM routine(Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising) daily, you’d know the importance of a toner. Both white and green tea, when applied topically, has brightening, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties. With so many benefits in one product, how can it not be a natural face beauty tip? Here’s what you need to do. Steep the tea in water for about 5 minutes and allow it to cool down or reach room temperature. Transfer to a spray bottle and spritz when required or pour a little on a cotton pad and pat on your face after thoroughly cleansing your face.

10. Tea tree oil for pimples


Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, tea tree oil kills acne-causing germs and bacteria and heals mild to moderate acne. While this is a great natural face beauty tip, remember that you should never use tea tree essential oil without diluting it first as it can burn and irritate the skin. Add 1-2 drops in your serum or moisturizer and apply directly on the face. You can also mix it with a carrier oil and apply it at night before sleeping for effective results.\

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12. Chamomile tea to refresh tired skin


If you notice that your skin looks really dull and tired, despite following a proper skincare routine, then it is time to turn to chamomile tea for its excellent skin benefits. The anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerative properties of this tea work to reduce puffiness, dark circles, acne, and irritated skin. It helps to refresh extremely tired-looking skin and bring about a beautiful glow. To use chamomile tea in your skincare routine, brew some tea, allow it to completely cool down, and pour it into an ice tray. Freeze it for a couple of hours and apply this ice cube to your face every time you feel like your skin needs a little lift.

FAQs: About Beauty Tips:

Ques1: Do cold tea bags help swollen eyes?

A cool tea bag compress may improve the appearance of puffiness or mild swelling under the eyes. Relieving pink eye. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, occurs when the mucous membranes become inflamed and swollen. A cold tea bag compress may help alleviate some of the dryness and inflammation.

Ques2: How can I beautify my face naturally?

Wash your face twice a day. Cleansing or washing your face form the basis of a good beauty routine for flawless skin, and it should not be compromised on, no matter what. …

Massage your face. …

Drink A LOT of water. …

Wear sunscreen every day. …

Use a face mask regularly. …

Get enough sleep.

Ques3: How can I make my face glow permanently at home?

Lemon. Fresh lemon juice lightens dark spots and blemishes.

Milk. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and milk, and apply the paste over your face and neck.

Turmeric. …

Egg Pack. …

Tomato. …

Hot Oil Body Massage. …

Yogurt Pack. …

Fruit Pack.

Ques4: How can I make my skin glow in 7 days?

Useful Tips To Get Clear And Glowing Skin Naturally

Know Your Skin Type. …

Follow A Regular CTM Routine. …

Exfoliation Is Important. …

Use A Peeling Mask. …

Choose Skin Care Products With Multiple Benefits. …

Steam It Up! …

Make Sunscreen Your Religion!

Ques5: How can I look naturally pretty?

Moisturize. Women that are naturally beautiful know how important it is to moisturize their skin. …

Pluck your eyebrows. …

Get your beauty sleep. …

Drink more water. …

Work out for your skin. …

Exfoliate. …

Give yourself a face massage. …

Keep hair healthy.

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