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The products that are found in nature are called organic products. These natural products are 100% pure and organic. Everyone is trying to eat pure and healthy food for their good health. people do exercises to look smart and fit. But people are not really trying to clean their skin. People usually do nothing to make their skin look fresh and shiny. Especially girls apply a lot of makeup on their faces without thinking about the purity of those products. Girls even don’t bother that the product they are applying to their faces is harmful and not good for their skin. These artificial products may give a glow to their skin in an instant but when we talk about the long-term effects of artificial products, these products are not reliable and completely destroys the texture of the skin.

natural products

Organic and natural products are important and necessary for the skin. As good food is required for good health. There are many companies that are working to produce natural products and are trying to provide healthy products to people that will not harm the skin texture and natural shine of the skin. As we know that organic and natural things are always needed for human begins. Also, it is human nature that they wanted purity whether we talk about food, relationships, or friendships.

I have a list of natural products that brings soft texture and natural shine and glow to the skin. Have a look

  • Green tea
  • turmeric powder
  • lemon juice
  • Black cumin
  • Olive oil
  • grains
  • green vegetables
  • fruits
  • Drinking a lot of water

So I have mentioned some of the natural things that help your skin in healing and recover your skin from acne, blackheads, pimple, etc. Girls who use a lot of makeup on daily basis must use all these natural things to bring balance. Mostly working women use makeup products on daily basis. So I am providing these tips, especially to those working women because when we use chemical products for a long and consistent time it will effect our skin so badly. The use of chemical products may cause skin irritation, rashes on the skin, darkening the skin color, and many more problems of the skin. So to avoid the effect of those chemical products everyone should have to use natural things in their daily life. 

All of the above products are for skin care. Now I am providing some natural products that help your hair in growth, and bring the shine to your hair back. As hair always contributes to looks. If you are using shampoos that are made up of different chemicals so I am requesting to please stop using such types of products that provide long-term damage to your hair. There are many companies that are providing natural and organic hair products. So search it out and use chemical-free products. here are some organic things that are found in nature and are good for your hair. Have a look

  • Onion extract
  • Soya bean
  • rice  water
  • lemon juice
  • coconut oil

All of the above products are organic and provide the best result. So I must say that if you really love yourself then you have to take care of yourself and always try to get one to two hours for yourself. You are the most important person in your life. If you don’t care for your self then no one cares for you and it’s a universal truth. 


Now I am concluding my topic and giving all of you friendly advice to please get distance from artificial products because these chemicals are not good for your skin and hair and you all know that. Try to make organic and natural products a part of your life whether it is food, skin care products, or hair care products. Chemicals are hazardous and not environment friendly, so how these products are good for your health? think about it If you love yourself.

Photo credit Pexels 

By Ayesha Azeem 

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