Nail Care Routine

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Although we want to get strong and perfect nails, this is not always the case. They are very fragile and can break very easily, which leads us to think about making some tips and tricks to keep your nails from breaking. Only then, with a little care, will we achieve a result as we have sought. The first thing we need to do is to attack the factors that cause this damage. They can be very diverse, but we will definitely find a way to reach their vulnerable position. From then on you will see how your nails grow more strongly. Find out how you can do this!

Strategies to prevent nails from getting damaged.


We all love to always wear one perfect manicure. But of course, if we abuse it, it will affect the health of our nails. So it is always better to avoid manicures and not do them often. When nail polish falls off, try not to pull it off. Apply nail polish remover, wash your hands and add a little olive oil on each nail. With a light massage throughout the area, our nails will get the vitamins and hydration they need. Try to avoid false nails, as they can damage natural nails as well.

Use Moisturiser:

We should do the same on the nails as we care for the hair or skincare. They also have their daily routine, which we can complete once a week. All we have to do is scrub and we will get it by adding a moisturizing cream or olive oil and salt. Of course, we are going to apply it to the hands including nails. Then we remove it with some water and apply our usual moisturizer.

Pay Attention to your diet:

Although we are talking about these, it is clear that the most important thing to consider in-home remedies or basics is food. That way, we can take care of our nails. Keep in mind that more proteins and calcium need to be synthesized. In general, though, choosing a balanced diet is always a good idea. Only then can we quickly see the changes that are taking place. In addition to the vitamins ABC and E, they are essential.

Try Home Remedies:

Papaya, oil, eggs: For this remedy, you need to mix 20 ml of natural papaya juice with one egg yolk and a teaspoon of almond oil. You put the nails in this mixture and leave it for about 20 minutes.

Garlic and Glaze:

You should melt two cloves of garlic. When you have some kind of cream, you pour it into a transparent enamel bowl. You need to apply this mixture for a week. As you know, garlic is great for saying goodbye to infection and preventing fungus.

Castor Oil:

Although all oils are suitable for this purpose, castor oil is a little more. This is another strategy to prevent nails from cracking as it contains vitamin E.


Always pay attention to your hands:

Always pay attention to protect our hands and nails with them. Especially when we do some chores at home. It is best to wear gloves as they can weaken the skin of the hands. So, after we remove them, wash and dry your hands thoroughly with water and neutral soap and apply a little moisturizer.

Cut the nails and file:

Although this is a fast way to do it we should avoid nail clippers. The best thing is to format them with the file. But to avoid destroying them too much, always remember that it is better to go to the same side. In this way, we avoid the fact that they can be broken by many other areas. Of course with these tips and tricks to avoid breaking your nails, you will always get more than the perfect result.

By Ayesha Ahmad

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