My Top 5 Sun Dresses for 2021

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With summer almost upon us and the thermometer creeping up into godly temperatures again, it’s time to start talking about sundresses. Sundresses can best be described as mid to short-length informal dresses girls wear during the summer months. There are around 11 types of sundresses and they are not all for everyone, but I will discuss my favorite sundresses for summer 2021.

1. Fit-And-Flare Dress


Fit-and-flare dresses are fun, they hug your chest and taper around the waist and then flare. They add curves to your frame and are great for girls with a small waist. They are very versatile and can be worn to just get around, cocktails or any event with relative ease.

Best Body Type: All

Length: Thigh, knee, and ankle

Occasions: Formal, semi-formal, and casual.

2.Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses feature a V neck and are comfortable yet elegant. They wrap one side around the other and secure it with a belt, bow, or button.  The warp is a flattering dress well suited to pretty much any body style.  It can be worn on a date, to the beach, and cocktail parties and fit in perfectly.

Best Body Type:  All

Length: Thigh, knee, calf, and full


Occasions: Banquet, beach, cocktails

3. Shift Dress


Shift dresses flow loosely over the hips and waist giving a curvier look to slim body styles.  It can best be characterized by having very little detail and a high neck.  It can transition from beach to, date and cocktails quite easily and is a great dress for most occasions.

Best Body Type: All

Length: Knee

Occasions: Beach, outdoor and casual events.

4. Jersey Dress


Jersey Dresses use soft fabric that feels great against the skin and does not easily wrinkle or crease.  Because it can be worn with sneakers or heels the Jersey Dress can fit in at the beach, date, or cocktail parties.

Best Body Type: All


Length: Thigh, knee, and calf

Occasions: Beach, outdoor, and casual

5. T-Shirt Dress

The T-shirt dress is a casual yet sporty look and screams comfort.  They can be short or long and are great for that summer vacation.  They can be worn in a professional setting, but are more at home, beach or just getting out for some shopping. The best part is they look great on almost any body style

Best Body Type: All

Length: Thigh, knee, and calf

Occasions:  Beach, active and casual

What I love about sundresses is that women of all ages, shapes, and sizes just love them. They give ladies the ability to look super chic and trendy while bringing out their personality. So get out there and grab your pick before they fly off the racks.

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