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Meet Maryum – a young creative with a passion for all things fashion design. When she completed 10th grade, Maryum decided to pursue her love for fashion and enrolled in a famous fashion design institute. With a keen eye for detail and a love for designing dresses, crafting products, and drawing illustrations, Maryum’s talents didn’t stop there. She was also a skilled graphic designer, video editor, website developer, and photographer – all of which gave her endless possibilities to express her creative vision.

Maryum’s love for creativity runs deep, and she enjoys nothing more than bringing her inner self to life in her designs. However, with social media dominating our time and influencing our thoughts, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of input. But Maryum didn’t let that discourage her. She understood that output was just as crucial for her mental health and clarity of mind. With this in mind, she started her own fashion brand last month called “Finch and Flair” and is currently hard at work bringing her ideas to life.

As she stumbled upon this fashion blog, Maryum felt inspired and couldn’t wait to share her design ideas with the world. Stay tuned for more from this talented creative, as she continues to weave her magic and create stunning designs that capture the imagination.

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