My Story About Fashion Passion

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Let me take you back to my childhood when I was just 13 or 14. It was a republic day celebration in our society and they announced a night fashion show for the first time. My neighborhood friend & I just went to check on the night show list. There we many but what attracted my friend was a ramp walk and she was very excited about it. Whereas I was clueless about it. She chased me to participate with her and I agreed to her just by seeing her excitement, because I don’t want to ruin it. There were two themes for the show the “Traditional” & “Western” we both shuffled our wardrobes for what to where, because it was obvious that we couldn’t go shopping. Finally, we managed to select our outfits for the show. Then comes the toughest part of the show the make-up because as you see it’s the highlight of the show we bought all our make-up stuff at my place so that we could get ready for the show. Then arrived another friend from the neighbor and she saw us struggling with the make-up part, she was older than us so was really good at that part. Luckily we got a savior for the night. She helped us out with the make-up and hair. Now it was the show time we were backstage and the heartbeats started running faster it was my turn next it was really too difficult to step on the stage that time. Still, I somehow collected the courage to walk & the time I was on stage I was all lost. I could just see the judges, the spotlight in front of me, and here was the crowd. The background music changes and I was feeling like it is giving me glamorous power I can’t even describe that feeling in words. And now I walked with all the confidence I was getting from the music and crowd. After that, my friend & I rushed home to change for the next theme the traditional theme. It was with a blink and we were backstage again. This time I wasn’t feeling nervous because I knew that the whole power exists in the music & crowd. Now it was my turn as it was the Indian theme I carried my outfit with all the grace and delicateness. This time the crowd chaired most for me and I was filled with joy. The show ended now and it was time for results. I was least expecting anything from the results because I already got such a beautiful experience today and most impotently it was all mine. But I couldn’t believe the result it was standing for the first prize, my happiness was at an extreme level. I just couldn’t believe the judge announced my name. But I also felt bad, at another part as my friend didn’t win. Whereas she was the one to make me participate in the show. Wait a bit guys the story does not end here it was the next for which the real story is about. The next day when I went to school I found that most of my friends were in the show and they saw me and they praised me for my walk they were describing the whole walk with appreciation. Which made me feel so good about me not only my classmates but also some of my seniors congratulated me for my achievement. Which made me feel that I am so good at it that was the time when I slowly and gradually started being familiar with fashion. And now it is all my so-called true love.


By Umita

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