My Number One Inspiration Quotes From Artist Kammy Kaur

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Kammy Kaur is one of the amazing artists she talks about what Fashion means to her.

What fashion Means to you?

Fashion is quite important to me, just as it is to any model, in fact, most people. It’s what creates my character and me as a person visually. Fashion for me isn’t about the big brands and how much it costs or what’s in trend. I believe that people can wear big brands and expensive clothes, but they still could look bad if they don’t know how to style them well. Some people dress in brands just so that they can make an impression on people that they are rich or as a form to show off. I believe that if you are going to wear something, it should be personal to you and not just to impress people. Fashion for me is a way of expressing myself and what type of mood I am in, what kind of vibe I want to give off I think can all depend on fashion.

If one day I feel confident, sexy, and bold, I put on a nice sexy dress or a crop top with a skirt long boots, or some high heels. If I am not feeling so confident about myself or my body, then I a simple baggy jumper with jeans and some ankle boots or trainers and I have a lot of those days, so I have a lot of clothes to suit that mood. Even indoors, I think fashion comes in according to my mood. To be nice and warm and cozy or just be in a normal comfortable mood or even in my conscious mood.

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I’ll put on my super cute animal onesies or furry pajamas or a nice pajama set or a furry gown. But when I am feeling more confident or hot, then I wear a nice co-ord shirt pajama set, a nice satin long gown, or an oversized men’s t-shirt with shorts. I like to dress up, especially when I go out, as I don’t go out often, I always try to put an effort into my clothes.

My clothes and fashion items are all very affordable, and some are actually very cheap. I don’t wear big brands or believe in spending all that extra money when I can buy the same thing for a fraction of the price and still look as good. Most people get shocked when I tell them how I do shopping or the price of my clothes because they expect my clothes to be quite expensive and branded because of my style and the way I pull them off. I also never feel shame in the fact I don’t wear branded clothes, in fact, I take pride. I don’t think I need to wear just designer wear to look good. I look good now in the clothes I wear. In the future, I think I’ll remain the same. However for some dresses though, I think I would empty my account in the future.

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Your Inspirational Quote?

My number one inspirational quote which keeps me going and alive is “everything happens for a reason” I am a huge believer in destiny and I really believe that everything that happens to us, good, bad, and worse, the people we meet, the people we lose, the jobs we do, it all’s for a reason. It’s sometimes difficult to understand that reason or see the reason at that moment but years down the line, the things you might have cried at, the hell phase, the heartbreak, the loss of friends or family, you will be grateful for all that struggle and pain one day. It is a process to make you stronger and make you the person you are today. And the struggles you face will only make you better for the future. It’s the same for the good things. All the good friends, the good opportunities, and the love will support you and take you to a better future.

Some people will come into your life to teach you a lesson, some people will leave for the same reason. You’ll get opportunities and you’ll lose them. It’s all for a bigger reason. Life is a storybook, we can only see the page we are on right now, but there’s so much that had to happen before this page got there, and so much more left in the future for our story.

From @Kammy kaur

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