My Grandma’s Fashion

Grandma's Fashion
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My grandma was and still is a crazy fashion lover, you can’t imagine the things she did because of it. My grandma’s fashion sense as as good today as it ever was. Sometimes I feel like she made a treaty with the goddess of fashion to initiate one of her children into the fashion world. Looking at my mum and I wonder if she bargained for what is about to come.

grandma's fashion

she also told me, how her mother was at loggerhead with her to not choose a career because of that she made it her purpose that at least one of her children must showcase the beauty and crazy of fashion. I always wonder if she dragged my mum into it, I am not seeing traces. “My mum is a fashion wonder”

She told me how her mother seized her tools for sewing and she ran away from home. Her mother looked for her everywhere not knowing she was under the table for the whole two days. She said, “she was determined to change her mother’s attitude towards what she loves.”

She also told me how she made my grandpa promise not to disturb her even when she jerks out of the bed because of the inspiration that she has gotten. Most of the time inspiration comes through dreams for her. I think it is very contagious, I contracted it.

She told me when she got married to my grandfather one night they were at sleep when she jerked up like that, my grandfather almost ran away thinking there were thieves in the house.

The one that got me rolling on the floor was when she went out with my grandfather for a social gathering. My grandfather ended up looking for her everywhere not knowing she was at home doing her biddings. She literally left the gathering because the inspiration came at the moment. Well, my grandfather did not give up on her, they are still very much married, my grandfather said “he is so in love with her and her craziness.” if I were my grandfather count me out.

Up until now if I have not visited her for a long time I know her weak point and a good way to pacify her. She will look at me with that old and saggy eyes, why did I have to reveal my secrets to you? now I can’t be angry with you.

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I was eager to know how she turned out to be that good, given that her mother was a thorn in her flesh. She mentions two important spices;

Determination: “if you can’t change them you join them.” Have you heard this quote before? It is very true, her passion was driving her and she was determined to achieve it despite all odds. She would have decided to give up, she would have decided to lie low, she would have decided to quit but her passion kept her alive and she was determined to fulfill that passion. It turns out that when the mother realized how determined she was and did not give up on her passion, she stopped forcing her to quit her passion.

Creativity: let your creativity be alive, I know sometimes it can be crazy but believe me that is what makes it interesting. When you have that inspiration allow your mind to bring it to life. It is always awesome when you look at your creation.


My grandma is old but her mind is just as young as new, it still makes me marvel, she said it’s fashion. I mean fashion can even keep your mind young, wow!!!

Welcome to the fashion world where your mind lives more than your body… Maybe you are about to give up, just like my grandmother, determine not to and bring your creativity to life. Life is more fun with you in it.

Photo credit Pexels

By Chioma Obasi

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