Musician Ruger Fashion Style and Why He Wears an Eye Patch

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Ruger Fashion: Michael Adebayo, commonly known as Ruger is one of the most popular musicians in the world. Through a span of very few years, the upcoming music star has risen to higher levels due to the production of high-quality music. The Nigerian young man is the new talk of the town, giving other musicians in the Industry sleepless nights. Ruger is famously known for his afrobeat music which has enabled him to have a massive following via all social media handles including YouTube. That aside, Ruger is one of the most stylish musicians in the country. He has managed to create a strong brand for himself. So let’s take a look at Ruger fashion.

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Ruger Fashion Style:

Being an upcoming musician, you can be sure that official is not his thing. He is often spotted in denim jackets, ragged trousers, and t-shirts. However, these are not ordinary clothes as he is a friend of fashion and brands. He is often seen in Dior, Nike, Gucci, and other top brands. Additionally, Ruger’s shoe game is on another level. He is often seen dodging the latest brands of Air Max and other superior shoe manufacturers in the fashion industry.

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Reason why Ruger wears an Eye patch on his left eye.

I know most of you are wondering why this section is important to this post. Through an interview with popular media houses, Ruger has revealed that he covers the left eye with an eye patch due to fashion. It is part of his fashion and thus through it, he has managed to create a brand for himself. Normally, we would expect an eye patch to be used to cover an ill eye but he seems to be totally an affair of Fashion and brand building.

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In my opinion, I believe that Ruger has all the right to use an eye patch as a fashion changer as well as to build a brand name for himself. In the fashion arena, all you have to do is to be unique, in your own way.

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By Alex Munene

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