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Now that Halloween is just around the corner, we are gonna see a lot of spooky outfits, makeup looks, and decorations. So, I thought I will list down some of the most epic and hilarious Halloween costumes of all time, and who knows, maybe inspire some of you!


1. Shrek Halloween costume

Ogres are like onions, but this simple, do-it-yourself costume for couples won’t make you cry. To complete the outfit, you’ll need some green face paint, material for an ogre’s belly, and of course, those Shrek ears.


2. Inflatable Willy Wonka

Violet, you’re turning violet!


3. Charcuterie board costume

If you find yourself the focus of attention, don’t be shocked. A creative cheese board never fails to wow.


4. A long pharmacy receipt

It might look funny until you get a real one!


5. Teen wolf

Without a werewolf, Howl-ween wouldn’t exist. In this slam dunk costume, you’ll look incredible from head to toe.


6. Inflatable unicorn ride-on

Go, little university! With a princess crown and a “unicorn back,” you may enter Halloween with flair.



7. Patrick star

This enormous Patrick costume is fun on its own and is a fantastic alternative for a group costume.


8. Baby corn

I saw corn! a substantial knobby mass! It’s got the juice! There is nothing more gorgeous in my opinion!


9. Lil’ Taco

If you’ve been looking for creative, amusing costume ideas for your child, we’ve got you covered. Thank you very much.





I honestly can’t get over how cute these baby outfits are! Have you thought about what you wanna be on Halloween or do you need a little more inspo, cause baby I got a lot of it?

Blog by: Priya Grover

Images: Google

Stay SPooky, stay safe 🙂

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