Morganite VS Diamond: Which Should You Buy?

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We imagine a picture of a diamond ring whenever an engagement ring comes to our mind. If you ask someone to tell you the name of a gemstone, then a quick reply will be Diamond. Diamond is the most preferred gemstone for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that diamond is the only gemstone, there are so many stones that can make a perfect jewelry piece for you. If you explore a gemstone for investment purposes, then you will find that a diamond is not even on the list of the top 3 gemstones. The next thing that comes to your mind then what can replace a diamond. Can a Morganite ring replace a diamond ring for engagement purposes? Morganite is considered the most powerful option when it comes to a replacement for diamonds. Let us go through a detailed comparison of these two before you make a buying decision.

Morganite VS Diamond


The inclusion of foreign particles in a gemstone is responsible for the degradation of its clarity. A higher clarity score makes a gemstone valuable. The clarity of a perfectly cut diamond is incomparable to that of any other gemstone but if you compare a perfectly cut, good quality morganite to an average quality diamond, then in some cases, morganite may win the race. In a good quality morganite, you will not be able to see any inclusion with a bare eye.


This is where a morganite is a pre-decided winner. In the same design, the appearance of a morganite ring is much better than a diamond ring because of its pink tint. If you are buying gemstone jewelry, a colored gemstone may look more suitable. When a gemstone is transformed into a jewelry piece, it should make a perfect combination with different metals; both diamond and morganite do it perfectly, but to make an ornament a little fancy, one should choose morganite as a center stone and diamonds as complementary stones.

Morganite VS Diamond 2


It is a crucial factor you should keep in mind when buying a gemstone for any purpose because the hardness of a gemstone makes it enduring. Durable gemstone jewelry can be created with the help of tough and durable gemstones. As we have already discussed, no other gemstone can beat a diamond. When it comes to the hardness of a morganite the number is 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale. This means that morganite is not as hard as a diamond, but it is also not a brittle gemstone.


The most important factor that has a direct impact on you is the price you are paying. In the case of morganite and diamond, a diamond is six times more expensive than a morganite. It is not a wise decision to break the bank for just one diamond ring. You can opt for a morganite ring and can also plan a holiday with your loved one on the same budget.

Comparison at A Glance:


Clarity- Flawless in the best quality diamond

Color- Colorless

Price- Expensive

Hardness-7.5 to 8

Clarity- Eye clear

Color- Peachy Pink

Price- Almost 1/6 of a diamond

The Bottom Line:

Morganite can be an alternative to Diamond, but comparing a Diamond with a Morganite is comparing the sun with a moon. Both are bright, but classics are always hot. If the price tag is not a barrier, go for a diamond. If you are looking for a color gemstone from the start, a morganite sets you apart.

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