Modest Wedding Gowns This Christmas Season

Modest Wedding Gowns This Christmas Season
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Merry almost Christmas fashionistas! Who’s excited? I know I am. Why? Well, because I’ve personally tagged this Christmas as a WHITE one. Which is why we’ll be discussing modest wedding gowns this Christmas season. Yes, folks, I’ve had a tonne of wedding requests this month, with many saying there’s “nothing better than a Christmas wedding.” The majority of the films I’ve been watching include Christmas Day weddings and are joyous.

Why Modest Wedding Gowns for Christmas?

Who says you can’t have weddings on Christmas Day or even anytime during this festive season? There’s just a kind of joy that is in the air these days and having a wedding increases it all the more. And there’s nothing better than having a beautiful bridal gown to commemorate that day forever, don’t you think?

Wedding gowns are the only kinds of dresses that can never go out of fashion. And a modest one is even more elegant and refined. It makes you think you are the queen you are meant to be. There are a lot of bridal shops and online stores. From there, you can either choose an already-made dress or design a custom-made one.

Now, wedding dresses come in so many forms. We have straight body-con, ball gowns, short dresses (yes still a thing), lace, mermaid, and so on. The thing about modest wedding dresses is that they can be reused. Yep, you heard me. No matter the design, it would just need some adjustments. I have a friend who turned her wedding dress into an evening outfit because the theme was white. For someone like me, I would definitely not spend thousands on a wedding dress and not wear it again in another style.

Maybe I should have my wedding on Christmas day, what do you guys think? Anyway, here are some ideas modest wedding gowns that would suit this Christmas season.

Mermaid gowns

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore wedding dresses. I have a whole gallery dedicated to it. My sister always says “T, by the time you wanna get married, all these would be old fashioned”. I usually just laugh it out but right now, my favorite would be mermaid gowns. They are simple and comfortable to walk in (lol, you know I love comfort).

Ball gowns

Now, these kinds of gowns are for the strong ones (laughs). I’m serious, I always thought nothing would spoil my love for ball gowns until I saw someone putting it on. They are magnificent and could be comfy in whichever way you design it.


Do you know what could make your gown look festive? Snowflakes sparkle.


An A-line wedding dress ain’t the same as a ball gown. A ballgown’s skirt is often extremely voluminous and begins at the waist. A-Line is smaller in form, generally shaped like an A, and has far less flare.

Sheath dresses

A wedding dress with a sheath silhouette skims the body and ends abruptly below the hips. Sheath dresses, also known as column dresses, are often form-fitting gowns with a straight, narrow silhouette. This is a lovely option if you want to draw attention to your figure and highlight your contours. I always thought sheath dresses were the same as A-line until recently. Even Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was in a sheath silhouette. They are so comfortable and can be used for any kind of wedding theme.

A white wedding symbolizes the unity of the bride, husband, and God as they embark on a brand-new chapter in their life together. On their wedding day, both men and women often go all out to appear amazing because it’s a one-day event. Some even wear many dresses. It might also be consoling to literally and symbolically dress like a princess for your wedding. So what better time to share this bond than Christmas?

There are a lot of online boutiques where you can both buy and rent whatever gown you desire.

1. Bridesdaydream

Modest wedding gowns this Christmas season

Now these are just beautiful, aren’t they?


That’s it from me guys… well, I’m contemplating writing another one (wink). So, if anyone wants to do a wedding, please invite me (lol).

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By Oluwatoyosi

Merry Christmas in advance Fashionistas…

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