Miss Universe 2023 El Salvador: Dates, Contestants, and More

Miss Universe 2023 pics
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Miss Universe 2023: The Miss Universe beauty pageant competition is one of the most highly anticipated and prestigious events ever in the world of beauty. The event attracts massive fans from across the globe. Many fans and fashion enthusiasts are always eager and keen, on the lookout for any information on upcoming events, part of the reasons I thought it wise to generate this article. In this blog post, we will provide key details of the Miss Universe 2023, the location, contestants, and the ticket process: Here are the details:

Miss Universe 2023: Location:

For your general information, this will be the 72nd Miss Universe pageant competition and will be held in El Salvador.

Miss Universe 2023: Dates

on the 14th of January 2023, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukule announced that the 72nd edition of the event will take place in the country in late 2023. The last time the country hosted a similar event was in the year 1975.

Miss Universe 2023 pics

Selection of Contestants: Miss Universe 2023:

Contestants from over 5 countries and territories will take part in this annual event. They will be chosen from the national levels of their individual countries. In this year’s event, countries like Pakistan will make their debut, participating for the first time.

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What is special about Miss Universe 2023?

The organizers have announced that from this edition onwards, married women and women with children will be allowed to take part in the competition.

Ticket prices for Miss Universe 2023:

For very many years now, the Miss Universe pageant attracts contestants from all across the world, leading to hiking in the local prices of the hotels and accommodations available. The tickets at the entrance of the event vary depending on the location and the seating arrangement of the venue. However, the ticket prices always range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It is a lifetime experience for those wishing to travel.

miss universe 2023

Events and categories for the Miss Universe 2023:

When the dates are finally announced, very many beauty pageants and their designers will converge for Miss Universe 2023. The pageant has had over 80 participating contestants. They are chosen through various selection processes and categories that include the swimsuit, evening gown, and interview rounds.


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