Mila Kunis: 5 Hottest and Most Daring Red Carpet Styles

Mila Kunis sexy dress at oscars
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Mila Kunis is such a stunning beauty! The Ukrainian-born lady has captivated her audience on several occasions through her performances on stage and, most importantly, through her fashion style! She has become such a fashion icon on the red carpet and has won the name ”queen of daring and sizzling styles”. Kunis never fails to make a statement at every event she attends. With that in mind, I have prepared this article for you guys to have a  look at some of her hottest moments that left fans in awe.

Mila Kunis little black dress

1. The Oscars 2011; Mila Kunis

Those in the fashion industry can attest to the fact that the Oscars are such a big deal. In the event, she wore a lavender Elie Saab gown. The gown was a perfect reflection of the ethereal beauty—such a sexy moment! It was made of a low-cut neckline and had some lace details. She was keen to choose the best accessories for the moment.

Mila Kunis sexy dress at oscars

2. The 2012 MTV Movie Awards:

How about some fierce Fendi mini dress? Personally, I am a great lover of mini dresses! She chose a plunging neckline that made her stand out among the crowd.

Mila Kunis: sexy mini dress

3. The Golden Globes 2014: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was the subject of the entire event when she stepped out, looking like a goddess! She was spotted in a stunning Gucci gown that depicted Hollywood glamour. With a plunging neckline and a sexy, daring side slit, trust me when I say she was indeed a snack! For the accessories, she went for very bold earrings to maintain her signature boldness.

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4. The Jupiter ascending premiere: Black is beautiful!

Who said Mila Kunis couldn’t style black? Her bold choice of black with some structured silhouette and some lace detailing spoke it all! This specific red carpet look showcased Mila as being very bold, confident, and having a fearless approach to modern-day fashion.

Mila Kunis: sexy black dress

5. Bad Moms premiere (2016): Mila Kunis

This is probably one of her most stylish moments ever. She opted for a sleek and sophisticated jumpsuit by Zuhair Murad.  The dress had very rare and distinguishing characteristics that included sheer panels, some figure-hugging curves, and a touch of sultryness. For the accessories, she chose to go minimal, thus making her dress stand out. What a dress!




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