Mid-Autumn Festival Outfit Ideas

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Have you ever heard about Mid-Autumn? It is a Chinese festival celebrated on the 10th of September. Mid-Autumn also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival is a traditional festival and it is not just Chinese People who celebrate it but as well as Tourists who came from different places to celebrate the festival.

If you watch the cartoon animated film “Over The Moon” on Netflix you will know what I mean about Mooncake Festival. And if you are a person who appreciates Moon, then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this idea. I know I’m two days late for the festival but you might want to save this for next year.

#1: Mid-Autumn Outfit Idea: Red Puff Mini Dress

Mid-Autumn Outfit Idea: Red Puff Mini Dress

Red is always a color for every Chinese. If you are planning to attend the mooncake festival next year, then you might want to try this Red Puff Mini Dress that is chic and stylish to wear. The details and the lining of the dress are on point that everyone would love to wear. The rough but warm texture is perfect for the festival.

#2: Mid-Autumn Outfit Idea: Traditional Dress

Mid-Autumn Outfit Idea: Traditional Dress

If you are a tourist and plan to visit the Temple during the Mooncake Festival, try wearing their traditional Chinese Kimono but if you think you don’t have plenty of time to do that then maybe you can switch to a simpler look that still shows the Chinese custom. You can wear High Slit Fitted Dress in any color (or you can stick to the red one). You can pair it with trousers or maybe legging perhaps.

#3: Red Jumpsuit

Mid-Autumn Outfit Idea: Red Jumpsuit

Festivals are a busy time of the year for many of us and there are a lot of activities that everyone will surely enjoy especially at the Mid-Autumn Festival. People will gather in their homes or if not, in the temple to pray and wish for the moon and light a lantern for prosperity. With that, a Red Jumpsuit will be a good choice. It is comfortable and easy to move around. You can pair it with sneakers or maybe flat sandals.

#4: Romper

Mid-Autumn Outfit Idea: Romper

Speaking about comfortability, it is the Romper that you can pair in a high-edge shoe or a sneaker perhaps. You can enjoy the night of the festival in this outfit plus the details are extraordinary and unique with its short sleeve zip-up style.

Mid-Autumn is no different from other events and festivals. it is special and always a big deal for us because it’s part of what we believed in, our tradition and culture. With that, it is important to choose your special outfit for this special occasion. Whether you’re Chinese or a tourist. Outfits will always add up to a special moment in life. Also do not forget to add some accessories and jewels to make your look a hundred percent Mid-Autumn Festival ready!

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