Michael Jackson: The King of Style

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When we think of Michael Jackson, it’s impossible not to conjure images of his iconic music, mesmerizing dance moves, and electrifying performances. However, alongside his groundbreaking music career, Michael Jackson was also a fashion icon who left an indelible mark on the world of style. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the legendary style of Michael Jackson, exploring his fashion evolution, signature looks, and lasting influence on the fashion industry.¬†

The Early Years:

Michael Jackson’s fashion journey began in the early 1970s when he was still a member of the Jackson 5. Back then, he was often seen in sharp suits with wide lapels, bow ties, and neatly combed afro hair. This early style was a nod to the Motown era, and it showcased Michael’s youthful charm and charisma.

Michael Jackson

The Thriller Era:

The 1980s marked a pivotal moment in Michael Jackson’s fashion evolution, thanks in large part to the release of his album “Thriller.” The iconic red leather jacket with black stripes that he wore in the music video became a symbol of the era and is still instantly recognizable today. The jacket was paired with high-water black pants and loafers, creating a look that defined 1980s street style.

But “Thriller” wasn’t just about the jacket; it also showcased Michael’s penchant for military-inspired fashion. His high-collared military jackets, adorned with gold braiding and epaulets, became another signature look. Paired with his signature white socks and black loafers, Michael’s style was unmistakable.

The Moonwalk and the Glove:


One of the most iconic fashion pieces associated with Michael Jackson is, undoubtedly, the single white glove. This rhinestone-studded glove became a symbol of his identity and was worn during the height of his career, especially during the “Thriller” era. The glove wasn’t just an accessory; it was a statement piece that added a touch of sparkle and mystery to his performances.

Of course, Michael’s style wouldn’t be complete without his signature fedora hat and aviator sunglasses. These accessories added an air of mystery to his persona and perfectly complemented his sharp outfits.

Michael Jackson outfits

Don’t forget to send me your Fein the world of fashion, few figures are as iconic and influential as Michael Jackson. His style journey, from the youthful suits of the Jackson 5 to the military-inspired ensembles of “Thriller” and the edgy urban look of “Bad,” reflects not only the evolution of his music but also the evolution of his persona. His unique ability to make a statement through clothing and to create looks that are still celebrated and emulated today is a testament to his enduring impact on fashion.

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