Men’s Formal Wear Do’s and Dont’s

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Formal wear for men’s fashion includes shirts, pants, shoes, belts, watches, etc. But when it comes to dressing formally, you all need to find which color really suits you. It is maybe best to decide on 3-4 common colors in which you look very attractive. Finding the right formal wear can be difficult so in this article, we will discuss a few means formal wear do’s and don’ts


Try some Basic color shirts starting with light colors than darker till you find one that fits your style. Be careful to choose your colors based on how they look on you and always err on the side of light colors. Next, we should discuss patterns. Shirts have different pattern varieties so you should get to know the ones that look best on you.


Trousers and pants should be comfortable, especially in summer. Some basic colors of pants you should have are- light blue, mid blue, dark blue, black, grey, charcoal, white, beige, brown, and colored.

Some basic pants styles are.




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As you may know, dark color shirts match black, navy, and beige. And the light color of shirts match well with grey, blue, brown and, and trousers, trousers are also given a formal look.


whenever it’s come to formal shoes, always select shoes that match your shirt, pants, belt and tie. For instance, if you wear brown shoes your belt should also be brown. The same goes for blacks, greys and beige.









Most men are watch lovers and often have a small collection. It is important to have one for each occasion. One for casual, one for semi-formal and of course one for complete formal events.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.


Last we need to discuss accessories. I am referring to belts, ties, and socks. Your belt must always match your shoes for colors. Your socks should blend nicely with your total outfit but you can never go wrong with black. And last your tie. There is no more important to any formal outfit than your tie. It should make a statement but not be shocking and make sure you use a double Windsor knot. If you do not know how simply follow this tutorial on how to tie a double Windsor.

In Conclusion

Finally dressing for any semi-formal or formal event does not have to be expensive. Simply follow this list of do’s and don’ts and you should be fine. I have attended formal events with billionaires and look great spending almost nothing. Thanks for reading and please comment what you would like to see next.

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