Men’s Fashion: Office Attire

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Whether you’re fashion shy or just need some helpful advice on organizing your professional wardrobe, a few tips on men’s office attire never hurt. It’s a good idea to have some information on hand in case you have an interview, an important meeting, or just want to make a good impression at the office.


When buying an office wardrobe, remember that the dress code is everything. Is it informal, official, or somewhere in between? You can use this information to narrow your options down to a few important factors. In general, Indian men wear Kurta pajamas or hand-woven lungi at home for comfort, but in the office, sophisticated, fresh clothing is on the formal side, if not completely elegant.  At a minimum, clothing should be ironed, a tie (generally) worn, and shoes should be pure white.

Office Essentials

Professional wardrobes vary from office to office, but there are some important factors that define a traditional work wardrobe. You will find essential office attire below:


men's office attire

Suits are, of course, essential regardless of whether you work in the office. It’s a good idea to have at least one or two crisp single-breasted suits, as they can be useful in many aspects of an adult’s life. Look for two button styles and classic colors. Black is timeless in nature, but gray and navy also complement the work wardrobe well.

You need at least one blazer, even if you already have some suits. If you need something else to combine with khaki pants or a shirt of a different color, you have additional options. As always, neutral colors are best, and avoid flashy fabrics (please refrain from velvet) that are not suitable for professional settings.

Even if you have multiple suits, you still need to wear trousers. Combine these with a variety of blazers and shirts. For spring and summer outfits, choose some dark pairs (black or charcoal is ideal) and at least one khaki color.

You also need a shirt on top of the cotton vest

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Of course, you need something that fits your suit, but a basic shirt (or two) can be worn in a variety of other situations. Again, stick to neutral colors. White or light blue is always a safe choice. If you choose to print, you can also use subtle pinstripes.

Jumpers will be your best friend in cool weather. The vest is not bulky and fits well under the suit jacket. Find a neutral or dark color that suits your professional environment. You can usually escape by wearing a hunter-green sweater and a gray suit (both stylish and professional). Long-sleeved sweaters are great for more casual settings, but avoid prints and bright colors.

Helpful tips for men’s office attire

Besides what you wear, it’s the little things that make a big difference in how you look. With these handy office attire tips for men, you’ll always look great.

Avoid patterned or white socks. Stick to neutral colors like black and brown, and make sure the color of your socks matches the color of your shoes.

Wear a white undershirt or cotton vest under your shirt.

Don’t forget your belt. In most cases, it should match the shoe and be as simple as possible (meaning avoiding oversized buckles and other types of embellishments).

A tie gives you more freedom than any other part of your outfit. Choose colorful print styles to match your suit, but avoid flashy, flashy styles for the traditional workplace. If you work in the creative industry, you might be able to get something better.

Get inspired by our longtime employees. If you want to blend in, you need to dress like them (the office is not the place to start making fashion statements).


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By Tausif Akhtar

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