Men’s Accessories: Hats and Mufflers for Fashion

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Accessories were considered to be luxury items for men. In the past, men could not able to afford it. Accessories are nowadays more affordable and available. The trend today is not who is wearing more expensive clothes but who is being unique and wearing that many haven’t heard of.


You might make your hair look stylish. But to look super cool, hats/caps might bring a lot of change to your personality.

Caps are famous for beaches and formal occasions. It always goes with a plain tee and khaki pants on a fairly sunny day.

Baseball Caps have been in style for a long and the fact that they could be worn with anything and actually life-saving. Wearing these caps gives an extremely comfy and cool look to your personality.

Pail headdresses are the Back to the future of headdresses. They’re a terribly swish accessory for men and a strong fashion statement for the guys who gravitate to change and appreciate new trends. You can fluently pull this off with a high-neck half tee-shirt and jogger’s denim jeans on a window-shopping date with your man or girl or at a day- musicale in your megacity.

Scarves & Mufflers

During winter, Scarves and Mufflers play a vital role in the men’s fashion world. It keeps you warm and can be used as a great fashion accessory for men that could amp up your style.

Silk scarves – The style of silk scarves always lies in the way you tie them. A check shirt and cut jeans with a plain scarf tied around the neck doubly will give you a country look. Similarly, for a business look it always prefers a scarf with matching color wrapped around the neck in a triangular fashion.

Mufflers – Keeping your mufflers around your neck protects you from cold. You can either carry it with a loose or single tight knot or fold it around your neck depending on your outfit.

By Chenghun Phukon


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