Mending Clothes: Fitting An Ethical Style

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Buying clothes is very essential for our daily lives. It makes our whole day safe and sound. Aside from that, it is for protection from insect bites or skin scratches from itchy wounds. Collecting clothes became huge before the pandemic came.

Luckily, there are better changes when it comes to Sustainable Clothing. One of the best choices to keep your clothes in a long run is Mending Clothes: Fitting In Ethical Style. Fitting an Ethical Style is never boring! It states how we could create a new set of clothing pairs even at home.


– the easier alternative from buying a new one

– allows you to showcase your personal garment design

– an unwind yet creative activity

– could resell to gain extra profit

– promotes ethical clothing in the long term

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Mending Clothes

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How To Start Mending your own Clothes

1. Pick a textile or garment inside your closet

The start of something new is when you follow your gut feeling or intuition. Make your old clothes new again with a new design. Picking the right textile or unoverused garment is easy than you think. First, makeup to 5 options that would suit your personal concept. Once you find them, you can play around with shapes or elements to make it sustainable than ever.

2. Practice your make-do’s or mending style

Practicing your mending style is recommended for beginners. As a beginner, it takes a lot of time, money and effort to get started. It’s not an easy step to follow through. But, as long as you have the heart to make it yours, you will get better at it in a matter of time.

3. Mix and match up the colors

The favorite part of mending is if you are also into fashion design. Most fashion designers mix up colors to add vibrant yet luminous designs to their craft. It is like painting a new artwork. Colors have something to do with portraying your emotions in your craft. That’s an impressive one! You could be one too. It is better to be a Sustainable Fashionista to raise awareness of sustainable fashion activities to save our planet.

4. Be intentional with your items


Mending clothes is a work of art as they say. It is important to get intentional with your items. It eliminates overthinking in making a new design. Don’t ever forget that getting intentional is the best practice to not get loose in your head. That’s why to start small with 1 pair of clothes until you get succeeded in a better way.

5. Enjoy with your busy-hands

Busy-hands is always part of our daily life cycle. We use our hands every day as well as in Mending Clothes in fitting an ethical style. This way beyond arts and crafts, it is also considered a mindfulness activity. The best guide to unwind from stressful environments that you put energy on. So, enjoy and let your hands be busy to meet the sustainable fashion in long run.

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Repair more and Buy fewer garments

As we get through with sustainable clothing, mending clothes is one of the best ways to repair clothes. Wherever you go you got the skills that are worth sharing. Building resilient communities are the key to staying connected. A sustainable way to get rid of clothes in the landfill that causes carbon footprints.

It has benefits in personal, environmental, financial, and systemic benefits. Also, it leads to less waste material than buying new clothes to impress someone. Mending clothes is never cheap but full of caring for the environment. Always remember wearing clothes is a part of loving your own personal style.

By Mikhaela Alyssa

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