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In a royal family, it is not unusual to see them wearing the best and the most luxurious outfits they could ever wear, and yes! They look extravagant with their every outfit. For today’s blog, we will talk about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle fashion, and her most chic fashion and style that has a chill yet classy vibe. 

Meghan Markle on Blazer


Meghan Markle Fashion
Meghan Markle Fashion 1
Meghan Markle Fashion 2

Who would’ve thought that a member of a royal family loves to wear a simple outfit like a blazer and trousers? Well, that’s Meghan Markle we are talking about, and yes she looks calm and comfortable in that outfit. Notice the small pouch she brings? It matches her blazer and a pair of heels. Every time she wears an outfit like this I remember her character in the series “Suit”.

Meghan Markle On A Shirt Dress

Meghan Markle Fashion 3
Meghan Markle Fashion 4
Meghan Markle Fashion 5

A shirt dress looks good on Meghan to the fact that she wore that blue shirt dress a couple of times. Meghan may wear simple clothing but she has a way of bringing it to the fashion world. No doubt she’s a superstar on her own. Notice the shoes she was wearing, it matches all the shirt dress as well as the few pieces of jewelry. Meghan Markle fashion sense is extraordinary

Meghan Markle On Elbow Dress

With this style, she looks like a prim and proper duchess of Sussex without breaking any rules 😅. The army green dress looks perfect on her with her hat and that cute belt that adds glam to the whole look. The shoes are a perfect match as well as the dresses.

Meghan Markle Fashion On A Striped Dress

If we don’t know Meghan is married to a Prince we can’t tell that she’s a duchess. Just look at the way she picks up her clothing. Very comfy yet classy and posh. She doesn’t even wear a lot of jewelry like any other family member out there. Meghan has a simple taste when it comes to fashion but it will surely be an impression.

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By Belle Willow

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