Mastering Wardrobe Curation: A Fashionable Journey of Personal Expression

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Hi fashion royals, It is a lot of first things from my corner of the earth to you- (first blog, new year among many others) here is to the firsts (cheers).

Welcome to my fashion planet where we converse in the language familiar to both of us “Fashion”. If considered necessary, here is a little introduction about me – I am of the female gender and I believe that fashion is in all ways similar to language- Expressed by all, peculiar to each person or tribe, mostly interpreted by all, and sometimes abused or misused. Truly, there isn’t much deep stuff about fashion but it can get quite tricky and complex but be not dismayed, with you and I holding hands via the screens, we would get perfect at it while having fun as the days go by.

And that brings me to share my first fascination; more like curiosity about an aspect of fashion with you. WARDROBE CURATION.

WARDROBE CURATION empty hanger hanging

Have you ever thought about your wardrobe building or curation?. Like, who built your first wardrobe?. Well, if I am correct, your answer would be either (a) Mother (b) Father (c) Well, I’ve never thought of it (d) obviously, somebody else but ME! (what a ha ha ha).

Hmmm…if you possibly get the chance to change some things in your first wardrobe (the one you own as a little kid) 85% of earth dwellers would find a piece or more to change- An oversized shoe, a funny looking head warmer and many more and No thanks to those pictures they are captured (ha ha). Getting interesting right?.

So, let’s look into what Wardrobe Curation means. I’d start with the word WARDROBE: which I’d say in plain terms is like a dictionary which contains the words that forms your grammar and language expression. Your wardrobe is the safe haven for your fashion elements which should normally be organized in a container, but I understand that some earth dwellers prefer to just spread out their fashion elements all around like the clouds in the sky, Well…..(no words).



WARDROBE CURATION: Can be referred to as the summation of the processes, considerations involved in the formation of a functional wardrobe. Trust me, you don’t want to have a dysfunctional wardrobe like my little bro did while we were growing up and that is a narrative for another day.


Before I let go of your hands, I would like to also mention to you certain factors to be considered in curating a functional wardrobe for yourself

1. Understanding your personality or locating someone with a fashion sense which you admire and would love to emulate: Whilst many other people out there would hammer on being yourself when it comes to fashion, I have come with a new nail that says “never deny yourself the chance of being a better you in all areas including fashion. Emulate the better, tweak it to be the best which is still you” that I want to hammer on. Finding someone with better fashion expression than you is something worthy of your involvement. This also guides you to identify what your present wardrobe should have or loose.

2. Identifying your body type details: This goes a long way in helping you build not just any kind of wardrobe but a wardrobe that is suitable and functional for your body type and this goes for both gender. Have you ever wondered why you get the same dress as a friend or colleague and it doesn’t come off as elegant on you as the person? Differences in body types and fittings are the possible factors. The knowledge of the above helps you in your next wardrobe shopping.

3. Start with the basic colors: I can’t over emphasize on how shopping for basic color when building a wardrobe is. First, it is safe (you won’t be breaking many if not any fashion rules), you can easily combine them without extra effort and it saves you a lot of stress per outing. Also, there is such a thing as going monochrome in fashion. So, having all the colors shouldn’t be the goal when starting out, you don’t want to have a wardrobe that tells others of what level you are or not.

Female and male black and white clothes on a rod and shoes on a woden floor.

4. Shop at your level: I find it necessary to point this out, you don’t have to shop beyond your financial allowance before you have a good wardrobe. You don’t even have to shop trendy when curating your wardrobe, having nice and durable elements does the magic.

5. Shop for your lifestyle: While having clothes is good, having the right fashion elements needed for the places you go, the work you do, the people you meet is better as it prepares you adequately for these meetings.You don’t have to strife to buy a beach wear when you don’t have a fitting tie or cooperate shoe for your outing when you know you won’t be visiting the beach anytime soonPriority first.

I believe with these points of mine, I can say we had a good time together (let me know if you did in the comment section) and I hope to hold your hands again as we explore the fashion world together. See you soon.❤

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