Marquise Tanzanite Stud Earrings With Emerald In Rose Gold

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Gemstones are derived from nature’s lap in rough uneven shapes and sizes. They are then cut and polished in different shapes to intensify the beauty of the stones by magnifying their brilliance & enhancing the reflection of light through the stones. Some of the popular gemstone cuts include round, emerald, cushion, rose, princess, oval, radiant, asscher, trillion, pear, etc. One of these cuts is marquise which is known for its sleek leaf-like structure. In the following sections, we have discussed marquise, tanzanites, emerald, & rose gold in detail.

Marquise Tanzanite Stud Earrings
marquise-cut tanzanite stud earrings, ring, and pendant


Understanding Marquise Tanzanite Stud Earrings

Marquise-cut displays an elongated cut gemstone, commonly referred to as an “eye” shape. Its unique pointed tips are called wings while the middle part is termed as belly. The wings shouldn’t be bulging or too flat while the belly should incorporate a gentle curve without extra bulge or flatness. Whether admired as a solitaire or in a halo setting, marquise-cut gemstones give volume to the jewelry and make it stand out. Whether placed in a horizontal or vertical setting, the effect of marquise-cut is equally magical.

When compared to the popular round cut of the same carat, marquise-cut offers an affordable deal with a larger face-up area. Also, wearing an elongated shaped gemstone makes the jewelry appear bigger. If it’s a ring, your fingers will appear thinner and longer in a marquise-cut shape. However, the pointed ends of the marquise cut may chip so it is better to keep the stones secured in prong settings.

Marquise Tanzanite Stud Earrings With Emerald In Rose Gold
tanzanite stud earrings, ring, and pendant

Exploring the Alluring World of Tanzanite

Cherished for its ocean-inspired water-splashing blue hues, natural tanzanite’s limited availability has made it exceptionally valuable even though it is priced quite less than its biggest blue gemstone competitor, the blue sapphire. The soaring popularity of tanzanites is all due to the ravishing blue-violet tones of the crystals and their eye-popping trichroism effect which seems nothing less than heaven’s blessing. Like other gemstones, tanzanites are carved and polished into different cuts which bring out the best of tanzanite jewelry in the market such as tanzanite stud earrings, marquise cut tanzanite rings, trillion cut tanzanite earrings, etc.

Twinning With Nature’s Gift of Emeralds

One of the four most coveted and valuable precious gemstones, emeralds have magnetic deep-rooted green shades. Natural emerald crystals are closely associated with the ever-green hues of mother nature in its liveliest form. Favored for being a stress reliever and eye-soothing, the rich green color of the emerald signifies growth and regeneration. One can carve a bunch of emerald cuts in different shapes and sizes from a pile of rough emeralds for sale or could simply invest in readymade emerald jewelry. You can buy emerald earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, etc. from high-quality reserves, all you need to do is spend a considerable amount to claim the best for yourself.

Fan of Rose Gold?

Gold is popular and expensive in whatever form it is sold. The three most sought-after gold varieties in the market are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. While the yellow one is the purest variety, rose gold is an alloyed version of pure gold with copper. This combination not only lowers the cost of the metal but also gives it an enchanting pinkish hue. Rose gold is extremely popular as the base metal in engagement rings & other jewelry pieces and complements well with both light-toned and dark-hued gemstones.

Parting Words

If you have eyes for emeralds and tanzanites, then feel free to buy emerald earrings from our ever-expanding range of jewelry made out of certified emeralds. We promise to offer you the best designs from our classic collection of tanzanite jewelry on sale. Visit the official website of GemsNY for amazing deals on genuine tanzanite earrings and a breathtaking assembly of marquise-cut tanzanite rings.

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