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Makeup maestros are creative professionals who specialize in the art of enhancing and transforming a person’s appearance through cosmetics. They play a crucial role in the worlds of beauty, fashion, and entertainment, using their skill and imagination to create stunning looks that can range from natural and subtle to bold and avant-garde. Makeup artists are often behind the scenes of runway shows, photoshoots, red carpet events, and even film and television productions, working their magic to help individuals look their best and bring the vision of designers and directors to life. 

Pat McGrath:

Background: Pat McGrath was born in Northampton, England, and developed a passion for makeup at an early age. She began her career in the fashion industry and quickly rose to prominence due to her exceptional skills and creativity.

Achievements: Pat McGrath has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion and beauty world, including Vogue, Prada, Givenchy, and Gucci, among many others. She is known for pushing the boundaries of makeup artistry and has created iconic looks on runways and in editorial shoots.

Pat McGrath Labs: In 2015, Pat McGrath launched her own cosmetics brand, Pat McGrath Labs. The brand gained massive popularity for its high-quality products and unique packaging. It’s known for its highly pigmented eyeshadows, lipsticks, and highlighters.

Influence: Pat McGrath is often credited with setting makeup trends and has played a significant role in shaping the beauty industry. Her work is characterized by bold and artistic use of colors, textures, and embellishments.


Mario Dedivanovic (Makeup by Mario): Makeup maestros

Background: He gained recognition for his makeup artistry skills and went on to become a sought-after makeup artist in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Notable Clients: Mario Dedivanovic is best known for his long-standing collaboration with reality TV star Kim Kardashian. He has been her personal makeup maestro for years, helping to create her signature contoured look. He has also worked with other celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande.

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Contouring Expert: Dedivanovic is often referred to as a contouring expert. He popularized the contouring and highlighting technique known as “baking,” which involves setting makeup with translucent powder to achieve a flawless finish.

Makeup Education: Mario Dedivanovic is passionate about sharing his knowledge and has conducted makeup masterclasses and workshops around the world. He has also launched makeup products and tools in collaboration with brands.

Both Pat McGrath and Mario Dedivanovic have left a significant impact on the makeup industry through their creativity, innovation, and contributions to makeup artistry. Their work continues to inspire makeup artists and enthusiasts worldwide

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