Makeup For Work- 3 Natural Looks For The Corporate Ladies


In my previous blog, I discussed some ideas for corporate ladies’ attire, specifically how to dress casually corporate to the workplace while still looking professional. Well, I’d say this article is a follow-up to that (read more about it here), in which I’ll be discussing makeup for work that is appropriate for corporate ladies. So let’s get started.

If you read my previous blog, I indicated that your goal should be to look beautiful because your appearance signals that you mean business. It is to acquire a competent and professional image in the office, and here is where your makeup for work comes in. Your makeup for the office, in particular, should be done with care and not overdone.

Even though I enjoy wearing makeup, I know that some appearances are inappropriate for the workplace. You can’t go to work wearing bright-colored makeup and green lipstick because it doesn’t convey a professional image. So being conscious about makeup for work is crucial, and a corporate lady would always choose a more natural look.

You should consider your work makeup as a tool that allows people to perceive you the way you want to be seen, which is why you should remember that your appearance shows you mean business.

Here are three of the most important tips I follow when it comes to makeup for work;

TIP 1- Keep It Natural/ Balanced

The first thing to remember while wearing makeup is that you want to keep it as natural as possible, so picking the proper colors and shades is crucial for a natural, balanced face. With makeup, you must distinguish yourself from the office and other areas where you spend time with friends and family. I would suggest neutral/earthy/matte eyeshadow shades and possibly red/nude lips, depending on your work setting. You can never go wrong with red lips, especially if you keep your eye makeup simple. This merely balances out the overall appearance.

TIP 2- Long Lasting

Looking amazing, which is essentially your goal, should appear natural, therefore you’ll want your makeup to last the entire day. So make sure it lasts by using matte lipsticks, water-resistant mascaras or liners, face, and eye primers, and setting spray. You’ll want products that are easy to maintain and last a long time.


TIP 3- Quick Touch Ups

Always keep blotting wipes or even a napkin in your bag in case you may need to leave the workplace, attend a meeting or just need a quick touch-up during the day. Having your lip product on hand is also a good idea if you need to reapply a little more.

So keep in mind that too much makeup can make you look like you’re trying too hard, which no one wants. Less is always more as a corporate lady or for work makeup.

3 Natural Makeup For Work Looks For Corporate Ladies

MAKEUP FOR WORK 1- Corporately Nude

makeup for work


When it comes to working makeup, the most common error is choosing a shade of lipstick that is too dark or too bright. Because neutral tones may make your face appear smooth and healthy without making you stand out in the wrong way, a neutral or merely gently colored lip color like a nude pink or brown is the appropriate choice for work makeup. You want people to notice you, not your makeup.

Here are some ideas for a variety of drugstore tones of nude lipsticks from Meg O On The Go, pinky nudes, mauve nudes, and warm nudes.

Drugstore Nude Lipsticks




When worn appropriately, red lipstick can be a very feminine and empowering hue for women to wear on their lips at work. Pulling off the iconic red lipstick look is, without a doubt, a desire shared by many women. Any working woman, or should I say, corporate lady, can feel brave, empowered, and gorgeous just by looking at it. So, while wearing a natural eye look, finish it off with a gorgeous red lippie.

MAKEUP FOR WORK 2- Earthy/Neutral Eyelook

When it comes to working makeup, as I indicated earlier in the post, a natural, flawless look is the best way. As a result, when it comes to eyeshadow, it’s best to stick to neutral, earthy shades. I recommend investing in a high-quality palette with more natural/earthy eyeshadow hues that you can wear every day for work makeup without getting bored.



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