Make Your Animal Prints Reality

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Animal prints are a popular trend in fashion, sometimes sparking controversy. However, animal prints can be worn in fashionable ways. Here are some of the most stylish ways to wear it.

Animal print clothes work well with other neutral colors, such as light blues or yellows, which are also very popular this season. Printed shirts are an easy way to experiment with patterns and styles you might not have tried before. Many animal prints are now offered in different fabrics which means that they look great on both men and women. Mixing two different animal prints together is a more subtle way of wearing animal prints than wearing an entire outfit with one pattern.

An animal-print accessory is an opportunity to be a little bold. It allows you to throw in that slight element of danger on an otherwise safe outfit and let the world know there is more to you than meets the eye.



Types of animal prints patterns

There are different animal print patterns in the clothing from cheetah to snake print patterns. But Here are the most popular animal print patterns:

Leopard Print

It is the most popular animal print so far. It became famous in the 1930s, soon after the film Tarzan, the Ape man was released. A full-on leopard-print dress, on the other hand, sends the clear message that you are no wallflower, you are a force to be reckoned with.



 Cheetah Print

This print also became famous thanks to Tarzan the Ape man film in the 1930s. However, this print consists of thick black spots together with small black dots.


Zebra Print

This print consists of long black stripes portrayed on a white background. It became widely well-known in the 1970s.



Wear only one piece of animal print at a time. Keep everything else simple, even severe. Pair the print with neutral colors (black, white, camel, khaki). Keep everything else classic and the print will carry itself. When shopping, remember that on a good animal print, the colors are muted and resonate with your personal style.

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