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SEO Score for Blog Ranking
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Basically, having good careers in blogging SEO score plays a great role. Although, the rank of any blog is directly related to the best SEO it has. Equally important, having a good read which follows all SEO rules makes your blog website one in millions.

SEO Score on Our Fashion Passions OFP

As you know, we are here just because there is a great need for content creation at the present time. Doubtlessly, everyone has his/her rely on reading content from google Whenever, we have a query we put that on google and try to find an answer through reading or any other sort of content. Hence, healthy content has become the need of the present and future.

Preferably, I recommend you to have a short course about basic knowledge of “How SEO Works”? But, I can be compromised if you become a little aware of any website’s basic SEO rules. Well, I have a guarantee that after reading this you will able to create content at least above that 95 SEO Score on Our Fashion Passions.

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Best SEO Score Rules of OFP

Percentage of a Keyword/Keyphrase in Heading a Good SEO Score Have

Accurately, SEO Score has 75 percent of keywords/keyphrases in heading from H1 to H4 recommended in any SEO blog.

Presence of Active Sentences a Good SEO Have

Secondly, try to have good practice using active sentences. For instance, to make sentences active use has, have, should, etc rather than passive like by, is, and through.

Image Size and Number a Good SEO Score Have

Additionally, you should have small-sized and less number of images to make the website run smoothly. Contrastly, the website has slow and passive responses and images will not load properly and some will remain unloaded.

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SEO Score Tips for Ruling Fashion Blog

Handsome Number of Transition Words a Good SEO Score Have

Progressively, try to have a good organization of transition words before your sentences. Generally, there are thousands of transition words but their setting according to the sentence is important.

Repetition of More Than Two Words or Phrases at the Start of a Sentence

Keep in mind, SEO rules do not allow a similar word or phrase more than two or three times at the start of any sentence. Consequently, avoid to do this mistake otherwise you have a poor response from SEO Score.

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Rank Top on Google Through Best SEO Score

Sentence Length and Language Difficulty Level a Good SEO Have

In reality, a good blog always permits short-length sentences and it also has much easier words from the English language. Actually, the advanced use of language is a barrier to reading for international people.

Length of Blog Acceptable Officially

Officially, the length of the blog should not be too long to cause boredom and nor too short to have a lack of information.

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