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Fashion is the way we dress. Nowadays, fashion is no longer just a way of dressing. It includes other elements such as accessories, makeup, the scent and changes in the human body through cosmetic surgery. Fashion is a way to express yourself, have self-esteem, and differentiate in society. Fashion is changing all the time and affects all walks of life and fields of activity. So let’s talk about major fashion brands. 

All over the world we see clothes, accessories and perfumes from major fashion brands that offer very different peculiarities that attract more and more consumers. Which makes fashion one of the most powerful industries in the world.

There are several major fashion brands and their iconic pieces which are stated as follows :

Louis Vuitton


Created in 1854 in France, Louis Vuitton, offers emblematic pieces such as range bags, from speedy to nasturtium while passing by the small trunk .


Created in 1910 in France, Channel, offers emblematic pieces such as, two-tone ballerinas, the little black jacket, the tweed suits and the rows of pearls .



Created in 1837 in France, Hermès, uses emblematic pieces such as silk squares, the birkin, the kelly, the oran mules, the equestrian boots .



Created in 1921 in Italy, Gucci, offers emblematic pieces such as the moccasins to the dead, the Dionysus bag, the tights to logo .




Created in 1847 in France, Cartier, offers emblematic pieces such as the Panthère ring, the nail bracelet, the trinity ring .



major fashion brands burberry

Created in 1854 in France, Burberry, offers the emblematic piece, the trench coat .



Created in 1946 in France, Dior, offers emblematic pieces such as the punchline t-shirt, the lady dior, the tailor bar .

Saint Laurent


major fashion brands dior

Created in 1961 in France, Saint Laurent, offers emblematic pieces such as the pea coat, the marinnière, the tuxedo for women, the leather jacket .



major fashion brands

Created in 1913 in Italy, Prada, offers the emblematic piece, the nylon handbag .


In short, fashion is visible all over the world, in brand name stores, shopping centers and more. It is constantly evolving and impacts all backgrounds and sectors of activity. There are big fashion brands, most of which were created in France and Italy. Like big brands that have been created in France, there are Chanel, Hermès, Cartier, Burberry, Dior, Saint Laurent and As big brands which were created in Italy, there are Gucci and Prada .

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