Made in Africa head tie (Gele)

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It shows more beauty of God from African women whenever they are tying it, especially during the party you will be to see head tie styles of Gele, in party ceremonies, such as wedding ceremonies, Burial ceremonies, and birthday parties of some of our African elder that they valued their culture and some church anniversaries but it mostly wraps by old women.

What is Gele head tie?

Gele is an African head tie that originated from west Africa, particularly in Southwest Nigeria, it was formulated by the Yoruba people, although it has another language from other tribes Gele is a Yoruba language and it has been popularly tied to cloth throughout the whole world because Gele is added to the beauty of women, But it is not only the Yoruba wrap head tie was used throughout Africa.

Which cloth Is good for Gele head tie?

Gele is also like a scarf but it has more wrap style than a scarf, The entirely match the African native cloth such as Ankara, lace, and Adire (tie and dye). Yoruba woven cloth is called “Off” and other African cloth, but the best Original choice is Aso-Oke fabrics, Gele is only tied by women. Some cloth is suitable for tying Gele but used the following;

Aso-Oke Gele.

Embroidered Gele.

Net-fabric Gele, popularly known as Singele or Netted Gele.

French lace Gele head-ties.


The Sego/ Zego Gele scarfs.

Damask Gele.

How can you tie Gele?

It has a lot of styles of wrap but it depends on the size of your Gele, and sometimes the style is determined the style. In the olden days, they always tie a big head tie and it fits them but it is so big, they always Gele two yards or two and a half yards. Nowadays, the regular head tie size is 72″ long × 36″ wide.

These are the following types of Gele styles;

1. Pleats Overload Gele.

2. Sego Gele.

3. Side Rose Gele.

4. Side-Twisted Fan Gele.

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5. Silk Satin Gele.

6. Wide Flower Design Gele.

7. Ankara Gele.

8. Aso-oke Gele.

9. Avant Garde Gele.

10. Flowery Umbrella Gele.

11. Infinity Pleats Gele.

12. Perfect Rose Gele.

The conclusion.

There are good and they show the beauty of women Gele is no cost and it is very cheap to afford, I recommend that The Yoruba weddings outfits for your wedding ceremony,

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By Akintoye Bolaji

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