Made in Africa Attire (Adire)

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Adire is Africa Attire popularly made in the southwest of Nigeria, it has been trending as a good dress that is comfortable for any tailor to make their Idea of fashion to trends, however, the Adire styles can make you stand out in any event as everyone will be surprised at the beautiful appearance the fabric will give you.

What is Adire?

Adire is a southwest Nigerian language, these people are called Yoruba, Adire means tye and dye and it is an indigo-dyed textile using their varieties of resist-dyeing chemicals, these clothes were usually made up of two strips of factory-produced cotton, sewn together to form a roughly square shape, and worn as wraps around the body, Adire was popularly making by Yoruba women,

In the 21st century, new multi-coloured admire uses simple technology and hot wax or paraffin is used as a resist agent in place of the indigenous cassava paste.

style of Adire

What is the style of Adire?

Nowadays, the colour of printing Adire has wide to throughout the world because it can be made for any conditions of your choice, like weddings, birthday parties, work, etc and it can wear in any weather conditions but you have to sew it in your own to make it comfortable to you and look good. Here are the styles that rock with Adire textiles.

1. Adire in Suit style.

Adire is a good cloth to make an amazing suit due to its deep and light colour of it, however, the Adire case is very comfortable for any occasion and it is suitable for weddings suit and it is looking amazing if you have any occasion in your company, It will give respect to you if you have a special occasion to advice people.

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Adire in Suit style

2. Adire in the T-shirt with jean style.

Adire has been wide to the whole world because of new technologies that enable users to share Ideas of giving rise to fashion, however, Adire can sew as T-shirts to make your day. Wearing Adire T-shirts with jeans is suitable for birthday parties, beach and club parties.

Adire in the T-shirt with jean style

3. Adire in a jacket style.

Adire is good in terms of fashion, It will grant the Idea of your dress up, so the Adire jacket is amazing for any occasion of your choice, then it would give a beautiful appearance like a birthday party, Wedding ceremony, beach, cinema, work.

Adire in a jacket style

4. Adire in any Gown style.

Right now every outfit is suitable for women in terms of fashion, notwithstanding Adire is suitable for Gowns that Will make your day, Adire Gown style is amazing in type gown either is short or full, it suitable for any occasion and it can wear in any weather condition.

5. Adire in Jumpsuit style.

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The jumpsuit is amazing in style but whenever you sew your jumpsuit with Adire, an Adire jumpsuit is good for a special occasion like a birthday party, club, beach, cinema, and many more, however, Adire jumpsuit style will be more beautiful to you.

In conclusion.

Adire Cloth is a rock in traditional cloth of Yoruba people that they called Iro and Buba, Agbada, these are looking amazing aside from that it is old school.

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