Maasai Shuka Outfit 2022

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A Maasai Shuka refers to cotton-made regalia with red and purple uniform patches that originated amongst the Maasai community. These tribesmen come from the country Kenya. Some are also found in northern Tanzania next to a town known as Namanga.

Maasai Shuka 1Maasai Shuka

Back in the 1900s, during the colonial period, some women from the Maasai community had the idea of sewing a shuka. This shuka would offer warmth during cold nights as well as be comfortable during hot sunny afternoons. It was meant to fit just perfectly in all weather seasons. Whether out grazing in the fields, or at a cultural event, the shuka was to be worn on both and many more occasions. So with this brilliant idea, they went ahead and looked for material to use on. They also had to buy dyes that would perfectly fit this design. And red was their preferred color. Why? Because, on most occasions, red is captured. For instance, during initiation where there is the shedding of blood. Also, in other ceremonies where animals are slaughtered thus shed blood.

Maasai Shuka 2
Maasai Shuka

The Maasai Shuka outfit is indeed outstanding in the fashion industry. And one factor that stands out about it is, the simple but high-quality material used. High cotton fabric. It also goes for an affordable price range; in Kenya mostly being between 30-57 USD. Get one and join in the fun!

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