Lipstick Shades According To Your Skin Tone

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Lipstick is one of the most important products in the entire makeup and keeps in mind that the lipstick shade you are using is according to your skin tone or not. Because If you dont choose the right shade of lipstick according to your skin tone then it will ruin your complete makeup look or your natural look. so that’s why you have to choose the right lipstick shade according to your skin tone.

Like if you apply a light pink shade of lipstick on dusky skin. it ultimately doesn’t look good on dusky skin tone or nude shades also doesn’t suit dusky skin tones or also on medium skin tones.

So today we will talk about which lipstick shade suits which skin tone.

Lipstick Shades

First of all, let’s know about skin tones. Everybody knows that everybody has different types of skin tones like – fair, medium, and dusky.

And as the colour of the skin is different, the colour of lipstick is also different, which is used according to our skin and suits it.

So let’s talk about which shade suits our skin tone.

1) fair skin tone

Lipstick Shades 1
Lipstick Shades 2
Lipstick Shades 3
Lipstick Shades 4

Rustic wine, ruby glow, almond pink, hazel, peach pink and nude shades ( sand nude, caramel nude, dessert taupe ) etc. These are the lipstick shades which suit fair skin tones.

The lipstick shades enhance your makeup and make your makeup more beautiful and attractive. If your lipstick shade does not match your skin tone, your entire makeup look may look bad.

On fair skin, you can also apply medium shades and dark shades of lipsticks but sometimes dark shades may look weird or odd. so on fair skin tone dont apply too much dark shade lipstick. Like these colours as shown in the pictures below.

2) Medium skin tone

For medium skin tones, lipstick shades are – Berry, Cherry or Mauve shades. These shades enhance the look of brown skin and make their makeup look more attractive.

Medium skin tone is also an Indian skin tone. And all types of lipstick shades will look good on this skin tone except for a few shades like – pink shades of lipstick (baby pink, Marshmallow pink) etc. As you can see in the pictures.

3) Dusky skin tone

For dusky skin tones lipstick shades are – deep wine, deep pink, and deep brown shades. These shades make the look attractive and gorgeous.

Those who have dusky skin tones have to avoid using nude lipsticks and light lipstick colours. They use deep and dark colours that will suit their skin tone.

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