Lil Wayne: Cool Music and Awesome Outfits

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Lil Wayne is the man of the hour. He is a young talented musician and a fashion profile who has made it all along in both music and in fashion industry. Lil Wayne is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and also a fashion enthusiast who blends his outfits very well.

Lil Wayne goes by the name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr was born on September 27th, 1982 in America. He is well known because of his genre in his rapping skills and how he normally rocks the streets with outstanding outfits.

Lil Wayne is regarded as the most influential hip-hop artist who blends well with the fashion industry and also the music industry in this generation. You can well agree with me that in all his performances and his stagings, he normally makes the looks stunning.

Because of his commitment to fashion and music, he is being mentioned as the best rapper that ever was and he still is.

Let us take a look at some of his styling outfits and appearances and how stunning they are.

1. Lil Wayne BET Awards

Lil Wayne BET Awards

Lil Wayne was rocking a simple outfit that he blended well to give him an outstanding statement. He was rocking oversized jeans, a pink hoodie, and some stunning Air Force shoes not forgetting his beautiful sunglasses.

2. Lil Wayne Father of SYK fashion

Lil Wayne Father of SYK fashion

 He is the father of SYK fashion of all time. You can tell from the way he always dresses up his fashion styles to the shoes matching up.

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3. Lil Wayne on the NBA

Lil Wayne on the NBA

Lil Wayne wore his 99 jamz giving it an amazing statement. The NBA evening session didn’t go unrecognized because he was looking stunning. He did take some pictures with his fans showing the much love he has for them.

4. Chilling Outfits

Chilling Outfits

I think it is a norm for some celebrities like Lil Wayne to wear shorts and blend them well with hats and some stunning T-shirts. We can all agree that Lil Wayne always looks good in shorts than anything else.

5. Lil Wayne denim shorts


Lil Wayne denim shorts

Lil Wayne was rocking in some amazing denim shorts in an NBA Session which we attended. He blended the outfits well with an NBA vest giving him a decent look. 

6. Capital one Stunning looks


Capital one Stunning looks

He was wearing all-black outfits when he attended Capital One ESPYS where he killed the stage with his amazing outfits.

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