Life Hacks To Beat Body Odor

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You are at a party, suddenly you saw a beautiful woman with the most trendy and classy outfit. Her smile and style are the centers of attraction. She looked like a diva from head to toe. You came closer to interaction and stop at a distance from the unpleasant smell and body odor of that beautiful lady. In a nick of time, your opinion of the charming lady change and it ruin the whole appearance. This is the importance of fragrance, smell, and odor in our life, that we change our positive perceptive into negativity. A person’s body odor is much more appealing than a dress, hairdo, makeup, or gestures. That’s the reason, all the advertising campaigns about beauty products focus more on the scented soaps and scented sprays that target how people attract a normal-looking guy with his body odor.

During summer, body odor is the most common and embarrassing problem in both men and women. Whether you are at a party, beach, or in the office, if you stink, no one would get close to you.

Here are some amazing tips which control body odor in all seasons:

  • Eat Good, Not Stinky Food


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Firstly, you need to look over your diet chart, and what you are eating the whole day. Garlic and onions have health benefits but they are one of the most embarrassing smells which people dislike. So avoid such food as it also impacts the body. Take good coconut water, lime water, and rhododendron water with fruits and salad for fresh and glowing skin.

  • Bath Regularly


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Make sure, you shower daily for a fresh and fragrant body. A 5-minute shower twice a day during summer, control the impurities and sweat which cause body odor. Most people avoid taking a bath which causes body odor and illness. Add a fragrant body shower or a handful of alum into your bath bucket for a fresh and odorless body during summer. It gives powerful antiseptic and anti-bacterial contents that clean germs and control the stinky sweaty body odor.

  • Lavender Oil


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A good body odor could be added from Lavender oil which is an excellent and useful deodorizer during summer. You can use lavender tea and herbs mixed with oil and apply them on the body, especially the armpits to control body odor.

  • Natural Deo


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Another perfect solution for body odor is “Natural Deo” which has herb contents and is very useful for combating the odor during summer. Herbs are essential and the best home remedies for body odor. For years they have been used as a beauty treatment such as rosemary, lovage, celery, parsley, and others. You can take these herbs in your healthy diet plan.

  • Fragrant Deo


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You could see various natural body do’s and roller deo’s in the market which is the perfect choice to apply after a shower. The role deo’s moisture controls the sweat and stains on your dress due to sweat. It maintains the fragrance and keeps you the fresh whole day.

  • Light Clothes



It is evident, your clothes need air. During summer, we wear light-colored dresses with a light texture that comforts the body in the scorching heat. You should wear jute, natural fibers, and cotton during summer to avoid body odor. Avoid synthetic clothes that help the skin to breathe. Tight-fitted jeans and cloth irritate the body and cause body odor. Wear light clothes which keep you cool and allow air to the body.

  • No dark Colors During Summer

Most people love the black color, to look slim and smart. The black color is known to be the heat absorber, you should avoid wearing black color during summer, as it absorbs more heat and sweats the body. Choosing outfits mostly in dark shades could make you look pretty, but it could be the reason for your body odor as dark shades absorb more heat, and also if you use Deo, it stains the more embarrassing cloth. Wear light shades, which give you a fresh and fragrant whole day.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple Cider Vinegar has many benefits. You can use on head massage to control dandruff and a perfect wash to dispel unwanted body odor.

Add 1 tsp apple cider in water before bath and wash your body frequently. The smell of vinegar will evaporate in a few minutes but it gives a long-lasting odorless body the whole day.

  • No Smoke, No Alcohol



Smoking and drinking alcohol are harmful to health. You should avoid smoking and alcohol as stinks the body and bad odors’s the mouth. The body odor from smoke builds toxins in your body and smells adhere to your clothes, adding more body odor and unhealthy issues.

We hope these beautiful life hacks to beat body odor will beautify your body more.

By Misbah

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